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Ferrari will launch its first electric car on the market: how much will it cost?

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Ferrari shareholder Fabio Caldato told Reuters about the growing demand for Ferrari cars without compromising exclusivity (Reuters/Arnd Wegman/File Photo)

In a historic transformation for the prestigious car brand, Ferrari It is preparing to launch its first electric vehicle (EV) late next yearas revealed by the agency Reuters. This decision represents an important milestone for the company, known globally for its powerful gasoline engines, and indicates its entry into the competitive electric vehicle market.

The long-awaited launch of Ferrari’s first electric car represents not only a technological advance, but also a Statement of brand intent to adapt to new sustainability trends In the automobile industry. According to sources close to the company, Reuters revealed that the car promises to maintain the high performance and exclusivity that characterize Dark Horse brand vehicles.

Ferrari’s new electric model costs at least $535,000, to position itself in the high-end segment of the electric car market. This price is much higher than other luxury electric cars, such as Porsche Taycan, which is priced at just over $100,000. Additionally, exclusive features and customizations could increase the price of an electric Ferrari by 15% to 20%.

Ferrari will develop a second model of the electric car, although production is not expected to rise to 20,000 units in the short term (picture information)

To support the production of its first electric car, Ferrari opens New factory in Maranello, Ferrari’s home centre. This state-of-the-art facility will manufacture electric vehicles as well as gasoline and hybrid models, as well as specific components for these vehicles.

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The factory will be fully operational within the next three or four months and will allow Ferrari to do so Increase its production capacity by up to 33%, from less than 14 thousand cars produced last year to about 20 thousand cars in the future.. This increase in capacity is considered a bold step for the company, which seeks to meet the growing demand without compromising the exclusivity that defines the brand.

Fabio Caldatoportfolio manager AcomeA SGR He highlighted the growing demand and the company’s ability to partially meet it without losing its aura of exclusivity.

Despite the expansion of production, Ferrari remains committed to its policy of maintaining the exclusivity of its cars. Waiting lists for some models can exceed two years, and being on the waiting list itself is considered a status symbol.

Ferrari is entering the electric car market with a luxury model that will cost at least $535,000, according to Reuters (EFE/Armando Babani/File)

This approach is particularly important in emerging markets such as India and the Middle East, where demand for Ferrari cars is increasing. Andrea BaloniAnalyst Mediabankis expected Reuters Ferrari’s first electric car will be priced at a premium to help maintain margins and offset the cost of developing new electric technology.

In addition to the first electric model, Ferrari is already developing a second electric car. Although this project is still at an early stage, it underscores the company’s commitment to electrifying its vehicle range.

However, according to sources, Ferrari is not expected to increase production to 20,000 units per year in the short term, reflecting its strategy of controlled growth and focus on exclusivity. The new factory in Maranello will provide the necessary infrastructure for this project and future developments, ensuring that Ferrari is well placed to compete in the luxury electric car market.

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Statements from executives and analysts highlight confidence in Ferrari’s strategy and its ability to remain at the top of the luxury car market. Benedetto VignaGeneral Director FerrariThe company commented in a meeting with shareholders that the state-of-the-art factory will provide “flexibility and technical capacity that exceed our needs in the coming years.” This comment reflects the company’s optimism in its ability to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving automotive market.

The new plant in Maranello will increase Ferrari production by 33%, making it possible to manufacture electric, petrol and hybrid cars (Reuters/Flavio Lo Scalzo / File Photo)

On the other side, Andrea BaloniAnalyst Mediabankis expected to be the first electric car from Ferrari They will be priced high to help maintain margins and offset the development of all-new electric technology and increasing numbers of parts from outside sources.

Fabio Caldato also pointed out the growing demand for Ferrari cars and how the company has scope to meet some of that demand without compromising exclusivity. Long waiting lists and customers’ desire to be part of the Ferrari-owning elite reinforce this strategy.

Ferrari remains steadfast in its philosophy of limiting production of any specific model to maintain exclusivity. This policy ensures that every Ferrari is not only a symbol of luxury and performance, but also a rare and desirable piece in the global market.

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