May 21, 2024

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Fighting corruption in Vietnam without prohibited areas or exceptions

Fighting corruption in Vietnam without prohibited areas or exceptions

The general confirmed during the interrogation of government officials conducted by the National Assembly (Parliament) in its sixth session that the police force is actively working to enhance detection, investigation and treatment of corruption and negative issues.

The senior officer also pointed out the need to improve institutions and improve the efficiency of state management in all areas, without leaving voids or shortcomings that allow individuals to exploit them to commit criminal activities.

In response to MPs’ questions, Lam also addressed the issue of personal data protection as a very important issue that, in her opinion, needs guarantees, especially in the process of digital transformation.

In this regard, the VNA news agency said that the current situation of leaks, buying and selling of personal data is very dangerous. So far this year, the ministry has warned and addressed several cases related to database breaches, he said.

The Vietnamese Minister of Public Security expected that in 2024 the ministry he heads will propose a personal data protection law to be presented to the National Assembly, in addition to amending the 2015 Penal Code with the aim of adding the crime of disclosing and leaking data. .Personal.

Among the senior government officials who spoke before Parliament today was the head of Industry and Trade, Nguyen Hung Dinh, who praised the fact that in the past three years Vietnam has been ranked as one of the 20 countries with the largest volume of international trade. the world.

He pointed out that the growth rate achieved during that period amounted to about 12.5 percent, and a continuous trade surplus was maintained. He said that in the first 10 months of 2023, Vietnam’s trade was adequate at $2.6 billion.

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According to Hong Din, these results are explained by the effective exploitation of free trade agreements signed by the Indo-Chinese state covering about 60 countries and regions, including major global economic powers.

The sixth session of the Vietnamese National Assembly began on October 23 and continues until November 28, divided into two stages, the first of which concludes on November 10.