July 2, 2022

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Fiji and New Zealand are HSBC France Sevens champions

Fiji and New Zealand are HSBC France Sevens champions

Ireland have reached their first men’s final and the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Round for women ends with Australia becoming champions after a great season. Argentina are two points ahead of South Africa in the men’s series standings.

Fiji men and New Zealand women show off their talents at the HSBC France Sevens in Toulouse on Sunday.

Ireland, coached by the excellent Terry Kennedy, played some interesting rugby to reach their first men’s final, but the Fijians added gold to the gold medal. Singapore And silver inside Vancouver, Canada.

They won the last game 29-17, and Davida Dagunu said: “Defensive and offensive was the basis for this victory. We kept the ball well and stuck to our game plan.

“To all the fans of this winning world.

Waisea Nacuqu was HSBC’s finalist and added: “Ireland played well, but we worked hard.”

After three days of pure emotion, Argentina, who finished fifth here, are top of the men’s overall standings with 118 points from two events.

All-season leading South Africa are second with 116 points after a disappointing trip to France, while Australia are third with 110 and Ireland fourth with 88. Following this victory, Fiji are now fifth with 87 points without playing in the third and fourth rounds. In Spain by the effects of the epidemic.

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The Toulouse is the final women’s tournament of the 2022 series, and the final was the perfect fit for the Sevens’ six exciting rounds of world-class rugby.

Defending Olympic champions New Zealand beat Sydney in 2020 to win their first title, beating tour champions Australia 21-14 in a thrilling final.

His coach Corey Sweeney, following his first title after assuming the role, said: “This is a proud and exciting moment for all of us.”

“After Longford we worked on a few things, we had incredible training sessions, and implemented what we worked on this week.

HSBC player Sarah Hirini said in the final: “I love this team. I have amazing team players. We will enjoy this moment.”

New Zealand, who missed a part of the series due to logistics issues with Kovit, finished fifth overall with 57 points.

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Australia finished first with 80 points in the following season; The three teams finished with 60 points – France second, Fiji third and Ireland fourth, the points being settled by points difference.

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Men’s Final: Fiji, Best Champion
Fiji conceded a try 40 minutes later in the final through Devita Dagunu. Napoleonic Bologna outscored Fiji 7-0.

Ireland showed great character and tied the score at 7-7, when Terry Kennedy converted Jordan Conroy for an attempt and replaced Mark Roche.

Kennedy scored his team’s second unchanged try 12-7.

However, Pollacca’s effort was replaced by the Vizcaya tongue, with Fiji leading 14-12 at half time.

Two minutes into the second half, Joshua Vakurunabili scored Fiji’s third try, and when Elijah Kanakaivatta added his fourth attempt, the score was 24-12 in four minutes to play.

Caminole Razaku’s effort took a 17 – point lead before Conroy’s consolation attempt for Ireland was sealed 29-17.

Women’s Final: Brazil’s win over New Zealand
Great rivals New Zealand and Australia met again in the final as they did in the last match. Longford, Canada..

Demi Hayes scored an early try to make it 7-0 for Dominic du Toit, with Richie Puri-Lane leveling New Zealand.

Faith Nathan knocked Australia out 14-7 shortly before the break, replacing Du Doide.

After the break, the score was tied at 14-14 when Alena kicked Siley and added a Puri-lane change.

With two minutes to go, Kelly Frazier’s try was converted by Puri-Lane to give New Zealand a 21-14 victory.

Men’s Bronze: LaCalle helps France on stage
Paulin Riva’s effort and change in the men’s bronze medal match against Samoa gave France a 7-0 lead at half time.

The Samoans, eager to cheer their rivals on, fought hard in the second period, with the efforts of Iiafeta Purcell and Vaa Apelu Maliko, as well as the change of former players, making it 12-7 at the end of time.

However, France is not yet finished; A try from Jordan Cefo went into extra time, where Jonathan Logel scored 17-12 to give the hosts the win.

Bronze for Women: Fiji finished third with two attempts by Alovasi Nakoshi
Fiji was very strong for Ireland and captured the bronze medal for women.

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Attempts by Raizili Davao, Alovasi Nakoshi (2) and Chechenieli Donu won 26-10.

Vicky Elmes Kinlen and Stacy Flood made unwavering efforts for the Ireland team, which they can be proud of in their 2022 season.

Men’s Semifinals: Kennedy leads Ireland to the first final against Fiji
Ireland faced France in the semi-finals.

However, the Irish players did not hesitate and Terry Kennedy (2), Mark Roach and Andrew Smith won 24-7, adding changes by Roche and Billy Dortis.

Nici Howard supported France’s only initiative.

Devita Tacunu, Filippo Bukaro and Viva Naduvalo (2) scored to give Fiji a 28-7 victory over Samoa.

Owen Fett scored Samoa’s only try.

Women’s Semifinals: Flight and Hirini help New Zealand raise Australia’s position
Two tries each from Michael Blight and Sarah Hirini were enough to beat Fiji in the New Zealand semi-final.

Rizvi Puri-Lane started two changes as Riabi Ulunisov and Alovasi Nakoshi lost 24-14 to Fiji.

Australia got their best moment in Toulouse, beating Ireland 40-7 in the second semi-final.

Madison Levy (2) Madison Ashby, Charlotte Kaslick, Dominic du Toid and Faith Nathan won 40-7. Ireland’s only try came from Amy-Lee Murphy Crowe.

Men in fifth place: Monetta backs two to close Argentina
Argentina finished fifth after beating England in the play-offs, with Marcos Monetta leading by two tries; Joaquin de la Vega, along with Tobias Wade (2) and Felipe del Mestre, helped Argentina win 21-12.

England’s Blake Boyland and Tom Bowen scored.

The previous day, Monetta had scored two more goals to help his team beat Australia 22-7 in the semifinals for fifth place.

At the same time, Will Homer, Kalam Randall, Tom Emery, Hayden Hyde and Frederick Roddick all beat the United States 29-14.

Fifth place Women: Hostesses lean on the public
The efforts of Jade Ulutule, Yolaine Yengo and Joanna Grisez, as well as two changes from Ulutule, helped France win the women’s playoffs.

They beat Canada 19-14 in a close match, and the losers thanked Chrissy Scurfield and Ella O’Reagan.

Earlier, Jonah Criss made four tries, beating France 36-7.

In addition, Canada beat the United States 19-7, with Giara Wardley, Olivia de Gourier and Bianca Farrella scoring tries.

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9th place for men: New Zealand’s speed and power to beat Scotland
New Zealand expressed their disappointment after failing to win 42-7 in the men’s quarterfinals against Scotland.

Ngarohi McGarvey-Black, Caleb Tangitau (2), Dylan Collier and Akuila Rokolisoa (2) won tries, while Jamie Fordale replaced Kalim Barreto’s pass in Scotland’s only try.

Earlier, Joe Webber, Reagan Ware (2), Nakarohi McCarvey-Black and Caleb Tangidov (2) beat New Zealand 36-7.

Attempts by Jamie Fordale, Jordan Edmonds, Ross McCann and Robbie Ferguson helped Scotland beat South Africa 24-21.

9th place Women: Lloyd lit up the game and Scotland won
Scotland’s positive match ended in a 24-10 victory over South Africa. Lisa Thompson scored her fourth attempt in addition to two changes from Helen Nelson and Meryl Smith.

Jindil Mappuba and Ayanda Malinga defeated South Africa’s tries.

13th place favorite boys: Japan beat Wales
Four successful attempts Japan beat Wales 28-14 in the men’s playoffs.

Timo Fitty Sophia, Taika Ishida, Yoshihiro Nokucci and Shotaro Suvoka scored for Japan, who did not allow the efforts of Tom Williams and Morgan Williams.

Tyler Morgan’s two attempts helped Wales to a 27-7 win over Canada the previous day; Moiki Fukushi, Taiga Ishida (2) and Timo Fitty Sufia beat Kenya 28-12 in a try.

Eleventh place women: Spain bounced back to beat England
Spain finished 11th, beating England in the play-offs.

Maria Garcia and Ira Echebaria scored for Spain, while Lee Ducher converted once for Spain, but Ellie Bodman and Isla Norman-Bell responded, both replaced by Bell, seven minutes later to give England two points.

The second half belonged to Spain and Ducher and Amalia Arcudo scored tries – two of them were replaced – to win 26-14.

What’s next?
HSBC World Rugby Sevens Men 2022 has two more events.

All teams will travel to London for the event on May 28-29 in Twickenham, the capital of England. The final in Los Angeles on August 27-28 will be a few months away.

HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens 2022 is now over.

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