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FIU: The Mexican government is investigating singer Gloria Trevi and her husband over alleged tax fraud

FIU: The Mexican government is investigating singer Gloria Trevi and her husband over alleged tax fraud

Singer Gloria Trevi at a 2019 press conference in Mexico City.Getty Images

New angles of controversy Gloria Trevi. On Monday, the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) confirmed that it is investigating the artist and her lawyer husband, Armando Gomez, into allegations of tax fraud and money laundering. The agency, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office on September 8. The singer denied the accusations in a video clip on the social network Tik Tok showing her performing a dance and presenting herself as a “working source”.

The International Equestrian Federation, led by Santiago Nieto, accuses the couple of not paying taxes in Mexico through their network of companies. Specifically, 400 million pesos, about $20 million, could have escaped from the treasury. In addition, investigations indicate that Gomez has set up a money-laundering network in these companies in cooperation with five other people, one of whom is Trevi.

The complaint submitted to the prosecution considers that the couple received a series of deposits, in large sums of money, which they did not declare and whose source is not known. Great Talent LLC, which represents the artist and was her manager until this year, has received remittances of nearly seven million pesos, according to reports. Millenniumwhich was not declared to the treasury. By tracking them and not identifying the source of the funds, the FIU estimates that they are resources of illicit origin.

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Trevi and Gomez quickly denied the allegations. The lawyer confirmed that they reside in the United States so they pay taxes there. For her part, the singer chose a more direct channel of communication. On his Tik Tok account and now following in the choreographic footsteps of the social network’s mainstream, called “Questions Ask Me Often”, Trevi answered the question “Now they say you and your husband evaded taxes”: “Never! I’m a business” .

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The life of the 53-year-old famous actress has been surrounded by controversy for years. In 2000, singer, Sergio Andrade – who was then Trevi’s partner and representative – and Maria Raquinel Portillo, better known as Marie Poquetas, were arrested in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) months after fleeing Mexican justice. They were accused of kidnapping, raping and corrupting the palace. Trevi spent three years in prison until she agreed to be extradited to Mexico. Here she is acquitted It was released in 2004.

In the judicial process, she met Armando Gómez, who took care of her defense and managed to get her out of prison. The singer provided the admiration she felt for Gomez as one of her motivations when she was behind bars. Upon leaving, they married and had a son. Now, together, they will face a new journey in court.

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