June 25, 2022

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Five key moments of France's historic victory over New Zealand

Five key moments of France’s historic victory over New Zealand

France November finished the window in the best way and with a historic victory Paris, Defeating All blacks For the first time since 2009, in the capital after 1973.

This was the most important game in the previous game Series of Atom Countries Taking into account that there were two teams with exciting play and both came in good condition. Both were not disappointed The Blues They won by a huge margin of 40 to 25, which was the second biggest defeat All blacks In its history.

So what are the key moments of the competition?

1 – Mauwaka led the way

France started the match with all weapons and its intensity could not be stopped by All Blacks. When out of a row, hooker Beato Mouwaka took the ball and after a mall, he scored the first attempt of the match, which created an explosion of celebrations in the State de France. The action marked the starting point for the French team with the intensity of their quest for victory.

2- Ntamack increased the pressure on all blacks

10 minutes after Mauwaka put pressure on the All-Blocks, Romain Entomack’s try showed where the key to the match lay. This way Damien Bennett entered the midfield, then ran to the line with a loud Parisian roar from the State de France crowd to lift Les Blues 14-6.

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France’s ability to cross the tri-line early on was questioned by the All Blacks from a minute in practice, and the minds of the New Zealand players immediately returned to Dublin a week ago, when Irish seriousness caused them the same problems.

3- Warning for RT Savia

However, Ntamack’s effort was not the highlight of the game, with New Zealand closing the gap to 24-6 at 27-25, converting three attempts in 12 minutes. Pressure continued from Les Blues and eventually referee Wayne Barnes advised New Zealand’s No. 8 RT Xavia. In this way, France was more than one person and five points.

4- Benat’s main play

New Zealand were not much affected by the yellow card and with a score of 30-25, they had a chance to come back. However, a superb reading by Damien Bennett turned New Zealand’s dangerous attack in favor of the French team, with Wing David Haville catching the pass, diving under the posts and extending the lead from 37 to 25. That game for Bennett was crucial to starting to seal the victory.

5- Scrum gives victory to France

The All Blacks had a five-meter scrum in their own row, but there was no response when France split their front row. Although the visiting team got the ball out, the French pushed them back over the defensive line.