June 25, 2022

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Five Keys to Incorporating Health Insurance as a Social Advantage in Your Company

Five Keys to Incorporating Health Insurance as a Social Advantage in Your Company

Five Keys to Incorporating Health Insurance as a Social Advantage in Your Company

It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need to apply for corporate health insurance in 2020. However, according to data from the INESE website, in 2021 Health insurance grew by 4.93% to 9849 million eurossas a result of a segment increasingly appreciated by users.

From iHealth CorporateAs health experts, we explain why a company should implement a health insurance program for its employees.

1. Health insurance is the most valuable social benefit

Corporate health insurance is more valuable than a retirement plan, retirement plan, or training plan. 65% of companies attribute the highest value to health insurance among the available social benefits, as defined by company decision makers and employees in Health Scale Provided by ADESLAS In the ninth edition of the Health Insurance Forum.

2. Help retain talent and improve company image

Offering health insurance is crucial when someone is considering a change of job. Corporate medical insurance provides value to your company, speaks well for your company and makes it an ideal environment for someone to develop, making it more attractive, as it enhances the health and well-being of employees and their families. In addition, it sets him/her apart from the competition.

3. Improve the work environment and reduce absenteeism

Attending medical consultations can mean a significant loss of working hours. By offering health insurance, employees can juggle their workday with any medical visit much better, as they choose positions and time slots. In this way, the stress due to the absence of the environment is reduced, and the employee feels valued and cared for, which leads to an improved work environment and increased motivation and productivity for the group.

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4. Allows you to choose and enjoy fast and high-quality assistance

The ability to choose a doctor or specialist within a wide network of high-ranking centers is not just a reality with health insurance, but one of its greatest benefits. Thanks to the medical policy, you can attend an appointment that interests you without first going to the family doctor, on immediate terms, as well as enjoy innovative and advanced medical treatments.

5. Represents the savings for the employee and the company

Health insurance is a deductible product for the employee, with an exemption from personal income tax of up to 500 euros per year for each insured person and their family members. In addition, any company-led health program allows access to premiums and policy access terms that are more attractive than individual policies.

Nearly 70% of companies already provide this service to their employees nationwide.

And you, what are you waiting for to join your company for a change?

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