July 5, 2022

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Five suspects are being investigated in Brazil for murder in the Amazon region

Five suspects are being investigated in Brazil for murder in the Amazon region

Sources told Globo News TV that Pakistani police are first investigating the direct participation of three suspects in the killings of Phillips and Araujo.

He is also supposed to have been involved in an attempt to conceal the remains, collected by the Palestinian police, which may be those of the Guardian collaborator and researcher in isolated communities.

Likewise, the System Corporation is inquiring about a fifth person as a possible intellectual author of the murder.

Investigators told the station that so far there is stronger evidence of the perpetrators.

The police are still trying to gather more elements about the alleged intellectual author of the bloody act that shocked Brazilian society and international organizations.

According to the G1 portal, the number of suspects is changing as new evidence is added to the investigation.

A third arrest request may be issued soon, and efforts are now being made to clarify whether the case relates to past crimes committed by the same suspects.

To date, two brothers remain under arrest for their alleged involvement in the case: Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, better known as Bellado who confessed to the murder yesterday, and Osini da Costa de Oliveira, better known as Dos Santos.

The Director of Police in the state of Amazonas (Northwest), Alexandre Fontes, informed the press yesterday that the investigations are still confidential and the motive behind the crime cannot be revealed.

A police source confirmed that the professionals were shot dead and the bodies were burned and buried.

The motive for the crime remains uncertain, but police are investigating whether there is anything to do with illegal fishing activity in the area.

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A plane with the remains found at the search site will arrive in Brasilia tonight, where forensic experts should start work tomorrow and get results next week.

Phillips, 57, and Araujo, 41, were last seen on June 5 in the Amazon community of São Rafael, about a two-hour boat ride from Atalaya do Norte and near the native land of Javari Valley. But they never reached their destination.

The reserve is the scene of disputes related to drug trafficking, timber theft, poaching and mining.

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