August 15, 2022

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Five useful tips for educating employees to avoid corporate cyber-attacks

Five useful tips for educating employees to avoid corporate cyber-attacks

HR is also responsible for cybersecurity: Five useful tips to raise awareness among employees to avoid corporate cyberattacks

In less than a decade, cybercrime has become one of the major threats facing businesses. But in an increasingly digital world where digital transformation is accelerating, companies are becoming increasingly sensitive to interruptions in their information system. Therefore, it has become necessary to establish an effective security policy in which employees are an important part.

However, it is a fact that today there are still many small and medium-sized companies that show aLack of interest in investing in cyber security due to lack of awarenessAround. A situation that does not occur in those companies that have a larger number of employees and that already have a solid foundation in terms of cybersecurity.

In fact, according to Accenture data compiled by the Spanish technology companynoobSpecialized in corporate cloud services andDigitization agents, 55% of Spanish companies do not effectively defend themselves against cyberattacks. For this reason, the company sees the digital suite as an essential way for SMEs and their teams to learn about the issue and be able to stand up to record numbers of cyberattacks this year. According to data from a recent Hiscox Cyberpreparedness Report, the average cost of total cyber attacks experienced byThe value of each Spanish company in 2021 amounted to 105,655 euros, compared to 54,300 euros in 2020.

Five useful tips every company should know to avoid cyberattacks

Social engineering tactics, such as phishing emails, are getting more and more difficult to spot. Messages are often carefully crafted and written, persuasive, and targeted. Therefore, employees must know how to detect suspicious messages and what to do when they receive them, and for this they must have the necessary tools and aids to be able to do so. NUUBB experts collect 5 essential tips to protect the company:

  1. Do not use remote devices for work issuesWhether it is from a hotel or from a mobile phone, it is very importantAvoid open/public networks of corporate matters. In these networks there are many security holes and it is a very easy entry for any cybercriminal, because they are aware of these flaws. If you want to connect or need any information, do so through a secure route known as a protected network, or ask a co-worker for said information.
  2. Be alert for malicious (phishing) emails.This time when some managers leave their jobs for a while, cybercriminals take advantage of the opportunity to impersonate people within or associated with the company and thus obtain confidential information that may be critical to the organization. Some of the ways to learn about these practices are to verify the identity of the person concerned through other reliable means, not to trust exaggerated offers or discounts, and not to respond to messages that request information or that appear suspicious.
  3. Do not use company accounts to manage personal life. Another major security breach emerges, for example, when company email is used to purchase flights, get tickets, and register on discount websites, among other things. It is necessary to separate personal life from work life in the digital world.
  4. Make sure you have your antivirus/anti-ransomware active during the entire vacation period. Avoid trial periods that may expire during times of high risk and ensure that all users are protected. Within cybersecurity there are several types of solutions, each with its own function in the corresponding area where cyberattacks can enter.
  5. Leave security in the hands of the experts, since these never rest and information systems will be monitored 24/7 to prevent any kind of attack. Whether you’re migrating your information to the cloud, implementing recommended cybersecurity measures or outsourcing backups, professionals will ensure optimal security of your data so that business stays running and at a good pace even in times of rest.

And while it is true that after the pandemic, companies’ awareness of cybersecurity has increased dramatically as well as investing in information protection areas,Confidence in cyber operations and budgets is currently low.

The company, which is part ofThe COVID19 market of the Generalitat de Catalunya,It currently has a volume of approximatelyOver 350 portfolio companiesIt expects to nearly double revenue this yearmillion euros. Similarly, the tech company plans to open an office in Madrid at the end of the year and increase its workforce to nine workers this year.

Cyber ​​Security, Champion of HR Innovation Summit

The importance of cyber security in today’s business environment and the intersection of it from the most technical departments to human resources and people will also be in the HR Innovation Summit 2022. from the hand Chema Alonso, Chief Digital Officer of TelefnicaIn this article, we will discover the importance of paying attention to corporate cybersecurity, raising awareness and training employees when it comes to avoiding security breaches in the organization’s devices and networks. Click here if you don’t want to miss it.

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