October 26, 2021

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Floods in New Zealand force families to evacuate completely

Floods in New Zealand force families to evacuate completely

The சாரல் மழை It fell on the night of Monday, September 30, 2021 New Zealand city From Auckland, Defined by one The spread of serious disease From Govit-19, Forced Exodus At least fifty Families That affected Local flooding.

Images shown by the media on Tuesday, August 31 (Monday 30 in Ecuador) New Zealanders Show variety Vehicles Immersed in WaterAt midnight parents run with their children in their arms Lifeguards They travel in boats to reach the affected homes in the west Auckland, The most populous city in the country.

Mayor of the City, Bill Kauf, Estimates that residents of 50 to 60 homes in Radio New Zealand have to leave them at night, most of them in their own way, currently with family and friends at home or in the center Exodus Implemented for those purposes.

For his part, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacintha Artern, He stressed at a press conference in Wellington Hurry This month Auckland prioritizes measures imposed by the Govt-19 epidemic because “the most important thing is to keep people safe.”

The Rain The first fall in the west last night Auckland, The second day with the biggest day Rain According to a tweet released this Tuesday by the New Zealand Meteorological Service (NIWA, acronym) that has been recorded in that affected area as long as there are records.

In mid-July, New Zealand Thousands of people lost their homes as the country hit the west coast, especially in other parts of the city. Westport (South Island), most affected Temporary, Where water reaches the height of windows.

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