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Florencia Bertotti turned 41 and celebrated by touring with Federico Amador

Florencia Bertotti turned 41 and celebrated by touring with Federico Amador

Florencia Bertotti celebrated her birthday while traveling around the world (Video: Instagram)

On March 15, Florence Bertotti She turned forty-one, and unlike other celebrations, on this occasion the artist found herself traveling around the world. Although she stayed away from social media and focused on one of the most important tours of her career, in the past few hours she shared a group of photos and videos showing what her last days abroad were like, including work, rest and tourism. Celebrating the New Year.

The chosen destinations were Colombia and Mexico, along with his partner Federico Amador and all his work colleagues On his world tour, he showed several photos of his time in Mexico City. The tour started in the first days of February and since then they have not stopped traveling. They have previously performed more than 10 concerts between the two countries, as part of the tour that will take them to Argentina next September.

Florencia Bertotti with her husband enjoying 41 years in Mexico

Their birthday was celebrated after the show they gave in Puebla before leaving for Bogotá. On her Instagram account, where she has more than two million followers, Fleur shared how much fun they had. Among the postcards she appears very happy with her husband, as he gets to know the city, wanders the streets of one of the towns and tries traditional dishes from there. “These days in Mexico and Colombia enjoying every minute with Bebeto“Friends always, we mix work, walking and beautiful people,” Florencia began by saying in the photo reel.

Florencia Bertotti celebrated her birthday while traveling around the world (Instagram)

Yucatecan drinks, hats and festive karaoke birthday. After dinner and mariachi. “Airplanes and guacamole”, The actress added, detailing the various plans with which she celebrated her new year of life. “The luxury of traveling with this love team where everyone enhances in their own way and with their talents, this wealth of doing what we truly love.”He added in a huge photo with part of his crew.

The actress enjoyed the entire team that accompanied her on her tour (Instagram)

Regarding the tour, during the second week of April, he will continue his concerts in Mexico and after traveling to Europe, he will return to America where he will perform concerts all over the continent, from Miami to Santiago de Chile. In September, the tour's turn will be in Argentina, with 12 shows at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, and shows in the interior of the country.

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Despite the fan base florescenta Saeed after the artist's announcement, and controversy erupted over the copyright that the songs had in their controls Chris Morena Many wondered if Bertotti would really be able to sing the verses of those classic songs that marked the childhoods of many.

Florencia Bertotti spoke about the controversy she had with Chris Morena over Floricienta and her show

In this sense, a few weeks ago, Flor He broke the silence and spoke to Lam about the crossovers that have been circulating about his upcoming shows. “There was controversy and confusion.” The program historian told him Angel de Brito. He added statementsWhich Chris Morena told De Brito. “Regarding the show, it is written by Fleur Bertotti, not a personal show florescenta, Producer stated.

“With Chris, everything is very well said, everything is fine. If they wanted to go like this, there would be nothing.” “I spoke with Chris.”Flor explained and added: “To dispel doubts, on Spotify Full set list for the show is available, There are all the songs florescental NeneMy songs, the songs I wrote for Simona, for my son, for Fede (Amador), “There are thousands of songs available for you to listen to and learn from,” he said.