May 27, 2022

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Fonseca and Matisse normalize the mistakes that can be made in a relationship with Pasa, their new song

Fonseca and Matisse normalize the mistakes that can be made in a relationship with Pasa, their new song

Colombian singer Fonseca He is very happy that he has just released his new album called “Viajante”. With this album, the artist celebrates 20 years of a successful music career. “Viagante” is an album that Fonseca worked on during the pandemic and contains ten songs, including “Bassa”. This is a single performed by Fonseca and Matisse together and in Fonseca’s words “I’ve been wanting to collaborate with this band for a long time.” In an interview with Publimetro, Fonseca admitted, “This song, more than spiteful, has the hope of remaking something, like love after a mistake.”

In the same way, the Colombian artist said: “One of the most beautiful phrases in the song is the part where you say: I never wanted to hurt you, but it happens.” For his part, Matisse member Roman Torres commented, “It’s so easy for people to identify with this song because everyone has made mistakes in their relationships.” “I love their music, I know many songs and I started listening to them when I heard Millie sing Pepe Aguilar’s Prometiste. But the thing I think connects us a lot is the taste of sadness in music,” Fonseca said.

The Colombian singer celebrates 20 years of her career

For his part, Pablo Preciado of Matisse spoke about how they responded to Fonseca’s invitation to participate in Bassa, “We’re really glad we’ve been fans of Fonseca since before we devoted ourselves to music.” Pablo commented that Fonseca gave them the freedom to add their style to the song they recorded remotely. On this, Melissa Robles of Matisse explained, “We’ve been doing this really for two years that we’ve been locked in and it was very natural for everyone to register remotely. The pandemic has brought us this from not limiting ourselves and understanding that even if we’re not together we can Keep creating.”

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“The theme of the song is very sympathetic because everyone watered it and we repented and wanted someone back. Besides, I think that kind of message with the rhythm of the song creates that feeling that it’s a sad message but at the same time you enjoy it because of how impactful it is,” Roman said. In closing, Fonseca spoke about “Viagante” and expressed, “It’s an album I’ve been working on for the past two years and I’m really happy because in one’s career one knows what works one feels proud of and certainly Viaiante is one of the things I’m proud of. And in that record I plunged into depths I had never gone before.”