August 14, 2022

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For or against the end of "La Casa de Papel"?  This is what the public thinks - Series News

For or against the end of “La Casa de Papel”? This is what the public thinks – Series News

The second part of the fifth season has already been streamed on Netflix. Álex Pina’s imagination did not stop increasing tension until the end. Was it worth?

It’s been four years since Professor (Alvaro Morte) first appeared in our lives, and on December 3, he did so again. This time to say goodbye to Stealing money. series Netflix It put an end to a long history of scripting misrepresentations, scheming, and subtle tricks up our sleeves that has fueled us over five seasons. That is why the result was long overdue. Knowing creator Alex Pena’s style, we know he saved more than surprise until the end.

So it was. Characters from the past appeared, strategies that only the professor knew were implemented, and of course there were many unexpected twists and turns. Was it good enough to close the story? Was it worth watching the five installments to finish this ending? There are opinions for all tastes. the end of Stealing money It was one of the most anticipated events for years, so it was impossible for the result to be to everyone’s taste. However, it achieved some consensus and viewers believe it was satisfactorily closed – if you leave aside the search for subtlety and stealth accuracy.

For fans of fantasy, the ending was perfect for ending the story and they have no complaints. An IMDb user says, “I’m not really critical because everything was perfect on the series. I just want to say ‘Wow, what a series.’ I wanted more, but it’s okay.” Another add adds: “When you’re done with the series, you don’t often think ‘Oh my God, what happened! “.

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Those in favor of the result, believe that it is the icing on the cake that completes a wonderful adventure. “I loved every second of every episode. There are no bad moments. He managed to keep me on the edge of the seat. I really loved the choice of characters, the beautiful plot and twists, locations and everything. It’s perfection, especially with that. Final. It was very satisfying!” It can be read in another review.

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Voices against him believe the fantasy should have ended after the coup in the mint and stamp factory. An IMDb user writes that Parts 3, 4, and 5 look like a “bad remake”. “What was it supposed to be: an action-packed drama or a TV series with a bit of action? It’s the latter for sure,” he says in his review on the platform.

Something similar to what another user writes criticizing its lack of realism. “Like any other series that has been successful, it becomes a waste of time. You’ll feel like the writers are forced to detail just the extra episodes that earn them more money,” another commented.

There are also those in the middle. He appreciates and loves the series, but also finds some improvement: “There are many things to love about this Spanish heist series. I would say I love it and give it 10 stars, but I think it lasted a long time. He started to have a predictable rhythm […]. Regardless, it’s a great, clever heist series that I enjoyed watching in his native Spanish language.”

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Although there were complaints – which was to be expected – the vast majority approved Part 2 of Season 5 of Stealing money. It wasn’t easy closing four years of The Professor’s band, but Alex Pena’s team managed to come up with an ending that satisfied the majority of the audience.

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