May 22, 2022

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Fortnite turns the spotlight back on Street Fighter by signing Sakura and Blanka as new characters

Fortnite turns the spotlight back on Street Fighter by signing Sakura and Blanka as new characters

bombarded on Street Fighter It must be stressful, so Blanca and Sakura They decided to change the scene for one season and see for themselves what happened in the battles It is an electronic gamesince Epic Games announce These two classic fighters from the Capcom saga will arrive in the form of new skins.

This will follow the same steps as Ryo and Chun Lee or too Cami and Jill. Both will be available in store with their own outfits and accessories starting April 29th, but the creators of this Battle Royale game wanted to celebrate this moment in a very special way with Blanca and the Sakura Trophy.

Thanks to this temporary event, an additional loading screen can be opened, like the one you see on top of the news. today, April 27who have their own version of portable devices. The games will take place in Zero Construction mode and depending on the position reached, a series of points will be received.

Only the best in each region will win the respective loading screen. The same thing will happen tomorrow, April 28 on other platformsso you can prepare to give your all on different consoles or on PC to get more points than anyone else.

It is important to note that it is necessary to activate two-factor authentication and a verified Epic account, as well as to reach level 50 or higher. On the other hand, it can only be disputed until A maximum of ten matches in a three-hour periodso there is fierce competition.

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Fortnite Blanca

Returning to the new character costumes, Blanca will accompany an alternate Blanca Delgado style, inspired by Bowman Delgado from the Rival Schools, along with the Blanka-Chan backpack accessory, Kebab Tropical Hazard, and the legendary Blanca somersault.

fortnite sakura

In Sakura’s case, she will have the alternate style of Sakura Gymnastics, similar to the one she used in Street Fighter IV. She will also be outfitted with the Hanakaze Hook Backpack Attachment, Kayari Buta Hang Glider, and Combat Championship Cup Axe, and will sign up to dance with the Sakura Dance Victory Dance.