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From Bordeaux to New Zealand: Single-Type Challenge | Gironde

Edmund de Rothschild Heritage from Bordeaux to New Zealand: Betting on Single-Grape Varieties for Two New Vintages

Compagnie Vinicol exemplifies its knowledge of two wonderful trolls with its innovative spirit and wines that celebrate the beautiful season. Contemporary Vintage “Eve” Sato de Malenkin, who grew up in Ambora; And “Plot 101”, The first vintage of a rare selection ….

……. Suvignon Blanc from Rimaber, New Zealand.

Renewal of Chateau de Malெn named “Eve”

This 100% Merlot AOC Montagne Saint-Emilian 2018, in the name of one of the four daughters of Benjamin and Ariane de Rothschild, marks a return to basics, close to the nature of alcohol. Through an active participation in the project, Eve de Rothschild demonstrates the family’s connection with the property and marks the rebirth of a crew that has fallen into oblivion.Eve Tepinoplech

“For me, the wine adventure is more than just a family tradition,” explains Eve de Rothschild, “It’s second nature. I take real pleasure in creating my own wine, combining the old ancestral system with modern winemaking in Ambora.”

Amber 50% aged and produced in only 13,078 bottles, Eve Quay is a reliable expression of the perfect banking landscape. This 2018 Vintage Edmund de Rothschild family succeeds in the dual challenge of breaking the codes while appreciating loving values: courage, excellence and exchange.

“The idea is to break the traditional barrel aging by using an ancestral method. Its property: its component, terracotta. Thanks to its shape it allows for a very gentle aging and natural, real fruit and excellent purity. Notes of fresh fruit that give the cherry an active and tasty side. Can be found here. “- Fabrice Bandira, technical director of Chatto de Malங்கng

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This trendy wine frees itself from the received ideas that sound only with beautiful days roses and whites. Conversely, Eve 2018 can be enjoyed around tapas, circuit boards, and goes wonderfully with hard cheeses like “Merle Rouge” from Roasted Fish or Firm des Trende Arbends. Fruit enthusiasts can combine this with a red fruit salad, for example.

Read the technical sheet

Rimabere Edmund de Rothschild Heritage

“Plot 101”, the best character in the remake Suvignon Plank

Within ten years of the launch of Rimaperin’s first vintage, Edmund de Rothschild Heritage presents a plot selection made from star grapes from the Marlborough region of New Zealand: Suvvignon Blanc.

Avatar River NZ JTP Rimapere“Plot 101” refers to this vineyard named plot with a magical and exceptionally preserved decoration. The crystal-clear rivers, immaculate forests and a sea horizon provide optimal conditions for the flags, which helped make New Zealand essential to the world wine list.

“The plot was chosen for the rare intensity and elegant expression of the Savignon Plank that thrives in the Remover Tower. We pick the grapes by hand, then they are finely pressed, fermented, and aged in lees, about 50% of them in barrels for about six months. “ Anne Escal, technical director of Rimaperin

This wine is formed with the aroma of white flowers fragrant in the lemon nose tips, then leads to an elegant and long palate with citrus flavors. Must be with dishes coming from French gastronomy like a carpaccio this summer

Saint-Jacques, a golden sweet bread in butter, a free de mox AOP from Ferm des Trende Arbents, lemon meringue dart. Fans of world cuisine are not out: Plot 101 is particularly suited to Asian cuisine, with coriander rice fried with shrimp.

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See technical sheet


Sato de Malெngin derives its name from the medieval castle built in 1330, a few kilometers north of Saint-Emilion. The ruins of this medieval castle still dominate this beautiful valley, through which a stream called “La Barban” flows. In 1842, the site was added to the heritage of the owners of the Chateau des Loretz at the time, forming a vast single-block vineyard established in the hills facing south today. In places, they reveal the parent rock limestone that gives Saint-Emilian Merlot all its power and character.


Baron Benjamin de Rothschild wanted to create his own Savignon Plank. He bought the 24-hectare flags located on the valuable Rabaura Road in the center of the Marlborough region of New Zealand. The climate of the region allows for the proper maturation of the Savignon Plank grapes and gives them the aroma and vital acidity of their particular lemon and grapefruit. Rimabere means “five arrows” in Mori language and pays double homage to the Rothschilds family symbol (Mayor Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty, left five arrows to conquer the world) and traditional culture New Zealand.

About the Edmund de Rothschild dynasty

Edmund de Rothschild Heritage sends it to future generations to enhance, enhance and maintain the family heritage. This art of living revolves around three poles:

Wines, 500 hectares of flags spread over Bordeaux (Sato Clark,

In New Zealand (Rimapere), Argentina (Bodega Fleches de los Andes), La Rioja in Spain (Bodega Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia – Macon) and in the south of Africa (Bodega Benjamin de Rothschild) Rubschild and

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Hospitality, With a new Mid-Mountain Gold experience at Domain to Mont de Arbois in Mega: three hotels (Four Seasons Hotel Megau 5 *, Les Salutes to Mont de Orbois, A Four Seasons Hotel Megau 5 * and La Firm to Golf 3 *). Restaurants (La Dam de Big – Lu 1920, Cauto, Prima *, La Tavern Trattoria, La Pizzeria de la Tavern, L’Auberge de la Cote 2000, Ideal 1850 and Le Club du Mont de Orboise) and 18-hole golf Ground.

Natural, With the Compaqni Fermier in the form of a single pre de mox Fermier AOP, farm and Bepinier de l’Ambre.