June 23, 2024

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FSR 3 debuts on consoles with Immortals of Aveum, PC version enhanced and HDR added

FSR 3 debuts on consoles with Immortals of Aveum, PC version enhanced and HDR added

The AMD FidelityFX Supersolution 3 was introduced at the end of September and has been making its way over the past eight months and is already present in over 30 PC titles, and now it looks like we are facing another turning point since this week as several phases have been implemented and it has been importantly burned. One is that it has been integrated into a console game for the first time, opening up the possibility for many other titles to follow.

But it’s not the only news related to FSR 3 since the recently released Ghost of Tsushima arrived very well with a novelty to highlight: it is the first PC video game that allows you to activate DLSS or XeSS as a rescaling technology and use, on occasion, FSR 3 as a frame generation technique. TechPowerUp’s visual quality analysis highlights that it still has some visual quality issues and that DLSS 3 is better, but for RTX 20 and RTX 30 users, this is excellent news.

Obviously the possibility of using frame generation separately from rescaling and thus allowing the use of XeSS, DLSS or FSR for that and then AMD frame generation is a function of the announced 3.1 version of the said technology. Are we facing this version? AMD has not officially announced it and the media has not mentioned the version of FSR used in Ghost of Tsushima, this may be an advancement of all this since FSR 3.1 includes more new features but we still don’t know the answer.

Returning to the game Immortals of Aveum, it is important to note that the game received a patch on Friday for all platforms that includes many improvements. This game was actually one of the first to release FSR 3 (along with Forspoken) and now the patch indicates support for HDR and “AMD FSR 3 has been updated to a newer, better version that improves visual quality and upscaling performance.” So again, in a few days, we will see changes in the FSR 3 version without specifying whether we are dealing with FSR 3.1 or something like 3.05. We should also not ignore that in this patch, the DLSS version has been updated to its latest known version, v3.7, but this is rather minor if we take into account that users can update the DLSS version at any time.

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Aside from the improvements in visual quality of FSR 3 for PC as we announced at the beginning of the news, the console versions of the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series have been met and from now on more games could be released or receive patches with the integration of this frame generation technology, and it is logical, If it does arrive to the console with it, we must assume that if there is a PC mod it will be integrated as well, so we must assume that we are at the beginning of a more extensive use of AMD FidelityFX Supersolution 3 technology, a technology that suits all PC users, and now console users control.

If the visual improvements promised with version 3.1 are fulfilled and they continue to improve this section in subsequent releases, it could be an important milestone for its rollout.