April 12, 2024

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Gabi Ramos' Sister Breaks Her Silence After Her Sister's Alleged Killer Arrested - NBC Utah

Gabi Ramos’ Sister Breaks Her Silence After Her Sister’s Alleged Killer Arrested – NBC Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Gabe Ramos’ sister, Rocío Cifuentes, spoke with Telemundo Utah after learning of the arrest of her sister’s alleged killer in Mexico last Thursday.

Cifuentes and his lawyer are hoping after news of the arrest a year later the hardest part of the case may be over, but what follows is a legal battle that experts say could take weeks or years.

I think he thought we were going to forget Gabby. He underestimated her a lot. Then he must have said ‘I’ll do it and I’ll go; “I hide for a while and pretend nothing happened,” Cifuentes said.

Rocío Cifuentes wants the suspect, Manuel Omar Burciaga Perea, former partner of Gabi Ramos and alleged murderer of women, to face American justice. What follows is her delivery, the battle of those who loved Gabby, including the ten-year-old daughter she left behind, going on.

“Yeah, it was a break. Now it was really a breath. She finally managed to sleep one day. She promised herself as an officer, and the Taylorsville officer promised he’d get it. I always remembered that promise. I always remembered that promise. Gabe Ramos’ daughter, she always asked if he told me,” Sifuentes adds. on promise.”

Before he can be handed over to US authorities, a Mexican judge must approve his extradition. How long that takes depends on what actions Burciaga takes, says attorney Gabriel Vidaña Manjarrez, a professor at the University of Chihuahua.

“Who knows if this person will have the possibility to have a judicial protection case processed and their extradition proceedings suspended and suspended. This person could remain in detention for up to a year pending the conclusion of the amparo trial. While it is decided whether it is necessary Really hand it over or not.”

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On the other hand, Sergio García, the lawyer for the Gabi family, does not know if the process could take a long time, although he is calmed down knowing that the suspect is in custody. “The truth was a relief because, compared to other cases, it was relatively quick. It is a relief that we will be able to see some kind of justice sooner than we expected.”

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill also said that if extradition is successful, his office is well-positioned to press charges in this case.

Gabi Ramos’ family is aware of the difficulties they will face: “They told us it takes six months to a year and I said, as long as he’s held, he’s fine. There are many things we have to fight for, but I’m not going to give up.”

Exactly how long this case will last depends on whether the suspect decides to file for constitutional protection (amparo) in Mexico or accepts the charges against him. After the surrender, he could choose to admit his guilt. Otherwise, you will have to face a trial where the jury will determine your fate.