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Intimacy with Tarantino, many films, series and an 18-year-old daughter: what happened to the hero of Flashdance?

Intimacy with Tarantino, many films, series and an 18-year-old daughter: what happened to the hero of Flashdance?


She is still pretty and well-shaped, has an 18-year-old daughter, and although she is no longer as popular as she was in the 1980s, she is not short of work in TV series.

Jennifer Beals, currently (1) and in Flashdance.GTRES

before the surprise the death From Irene KaraTranslator of the main theme of the film jigas expected, the hero of the story from the 80’s movie, Jennifer Beals. The actress best known for her role as Alex Owens On the tape, he wanted to send a message from honey For the singer who composed the wonderful song besides singing What a feeling. “Thank you amazing Irene for your open heart and fearless talent. Only a dreamer like you could write and perform a soundtrack like this, for those who dare to dream,” the actress tweeted.

Biles is now 58 years old, and It became world famous in 1983 Get the first round jig. So, this was the daughter of an Irish American and an African American studying literature at Yale University.

He had actually been interested in acting before, in fact had a minor role in it my guardbut it wasn’t even jig when i got one Golden Globe nomination.

Although he achieved unimaginable success The film was not without controversyas it turns out that some of the scenes that require athletic moves were not done by her, but rather created by her French dancer.

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Anyway, Jennifer continued her career and He has directed around 50 films, Nothing with that much projection jigif something happens Four rooms (ninety-nine ninety-five). intimate with Quentin Tarantino, He appeared in the credits of some of his films in thanks and appreciation for apparently helping him in some scenarios.

On a personal level, he is known Wedding and subsequent divorce with Alexander Rockwell and another wedding, in 1998, with Canadian businessman Ken Dixon, with whom she set up 18 year old teenage daughter.

He is currently participating in TV Series How L word: generation x With great success. A fan of photography and a Buddhist, she confesses, according to Wikipedia, It is kept visible At nearly 60, it seems time is not passing her by. On his Instagram account, it can be seen that he does a lot of sports and leads a healthy life.

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