August 14, 2022

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Gabriel Soto explains why his wedding to Irina Paiva Celebes has been postponed NNDC |  Mexico

Gabriel Soto explains why his wedding to Irina Paiva Celebes has been postponed NNDC | Mexico

Gabriel Soto revealed how his plans for his future wedding with Irina Paiva are going, which had to be postponed on more than one occasion for various reasons. One of them was the spread of cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Russia, the country where the actress’s family lives.

In a recent interview with TVyNovelas, the “Single with daughters” actor explained that his wedding is still on hiatus. However, they already have a tentative history. In addition, he admitted that they are waiting for the telenovela to end as they share the credits.

“And we are working on it; we already have a tentative date, as we planned to do at the end of the year, But because of this project we were able to implement it. We knew we were going to start recording and the work was very complicated, so we anticipate two issues: first, see the completion date of the novel and, Secondly, everything related to COVID … The situation now in Russia is half complicated. Obviously we want Irina’s family to travel to be present,” said the actor.

Also, the heart of the soap opera announced that his wedding would be in Mexico, but not in the country’s capital. “Also because of the issues of the pandemic, we have to do something small; we want to do something intimate, with close family, with the closest of friends, and we are really shaping it, and moving forward on that topic,” calculated.

Gabriel Soto revealed that although he and Irina spend a lot of time together at home, traveling and now on recordings, it’s not something that weighs him down, quite the opposite.

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“Because we love each other so much, we really enjoy it. We are always together. Although we are not into novels, we are used to it and we enjoy it”, pointed out.

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