December 3, 2021

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'Game', David Bowie's posthumous album, will have two copies |  Music

‘Game’, David Bowie’s posthumous album, will have two copies | Music

Like many other singers of his generation, Briton David Bowie also fought his battles with record labels. “Game,” the 2001 album buried after a fight with Virgin, will appear again Friday in its original form.

A pirated version of the “game”, of poor quality, has been circulating online since 2011. Bowie has already used some of her pieces in “Heathen” (2002), for the bachelors B sides, or in some compilation. “Fans already know two-thirds of the album,” explained Jerome Solini, French singer-songwriter and author of “David Boy’s Rainbow Man.”

“Game” arose as a project from the versions of “Can’t Help Think of Me” (1966 song) that Bowie performed with his band in the late 1990s. With this group, featuring Mark Blatty, Sterling Campbell or Earl Slick, Bowie reached one of his artistic peaks, with a concert at Glastonbury Festival (England) in 2000 that was recorded in Memories.

The album is also a significant moment in Bowie’s career because while recording in New York, the singer reconciles with his longtime producer, Tony Visconti. the duke He had quit working with Visconti prior to the 1983 hit “Let’s Dance”, which was produced by Nile Rodgers (guitar Shake). “Boi was looking forward to working with him (Visconti) again but initially with homeopathic doses, because both Tony are strong personalities,” Solini explains.

The day after his concert in Glastonbury, Bowie walked into the studio with his group. Together they share songs recorded between 1964 and 1971. Bowie wants to release the album immediately, based on the performance of a group in abundance. “The game is a time capsule captured in joy, fire and energy, with the sound of the musicians happy to play together,” explains Mark Blatty, who helped with the recording, twenty years after it was recorded.

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But relations with Virgo rapidly deteriorate. Bowie stated in 2002, “The Virgin got totally sloppy. These people were terrible for the two years before I got out.” The artist puts a “toy” in the tray and later brings out a “Heathen”. However, after his death, “Toy” was published under two versions at once.

The first in its original version, within “David Bowie 5. Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001), the fifth set of a comprehensive series of recordings by the British singer, which also contains other recordings, such as live on BBC Radio from 2000. On January 7 ( January) 2022, on the eve of Bowie’s anniversary, “Toy (Toy: Box)” will be released another version of the missing album, this time with alternate soundtracks, as the theme of the unreleased album cover is curiosity. It’s a picture of an adult Bowie on Baby face with monkey features.