August 14, 2022

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Gender roles questioned in intense 'Generos Generals' dance performance

Gender roles questioned in intense ‘Generos Generals’ dance performance

There is more and more meditation on masculinity and femininity, but for the artist Alain Naranjo it is necessary to penetrate the subject from the stage, specifically from flamenco.

This is how it arises General typesIt is a live dance and music show in which Naranjo, as the soloist, gives a dance show on these issues. Choreography refers to questions about gender roles in society and how they affect the social construction of human behaviour.

The work aims to reflect on how these preconceptions, specifically, leave no room for individual desire to experience and flow between genders, but instead force people to identify with only one gender in order to integrate into society.

Alan Naranjo is excited to make this suggestion. “It is a show with live musicians that uses flamenco as a means of artistic communication. They will share on stage, guitar, vocals, piano, violin and percussion. This work is of great importance, as it is the first to address the issue of gender role and the first to be fully performed by a Costa Rican soloist”, The actress said.

“The work involves risks in its plastic and spatial proposition, and seeks to offer a unique experience that includes the audience and makes them part of the show,” adds Naranjo.

The dancer started in dance and music since childhood and studied in Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where she was a student of teachers such as Andres Peña, Ursula Lopez, Andres Marin, Concha Garino, among others. As a dancer, he has performed on stage in Central America, Panama, Mexico, USA, Spain, France and Israel and since 2010 has managed the Flamenco Naranjo company.

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Do you want to attend?

The show will be in the Gráfica Génesis space, a scenic area located in Barrio Luján, San Jose. The show will take place next Saturday, April 28. There will be two jobs: 4 pm and 7 pm Ticket price 12,000 yen. You can get your ticket by calling 1613-8997.