April 13, 2024

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German League: Hamann asks Tuchel to leave immediately and thinks about Mourinho to Bayern: “He is exceptional”

German League: Hamann asks Tuchel to leave immediately and thinks about Mourinho to Bayern: “He is exceptional”

toOr that Thomas Tuchel had his matches counted as coach of Bayern Munich, it is a fact. This was announced a little over a month ago. But the Bavarian club itself is increasingly calling for the German coach to leave the Munich ship before the end of the season, which has become too long for any leader.

The latest to join the extensive list of Former Bayern Munich players The one who wants Tuchel out of the team is the former German international player Didi Hamanwho played for the Bavarian club in the mid-nineties before jumping to the English Premier League.

“Bayern's management must ask itself whether it would be better in the coming weeks for Thomas Tuchel to lead the final stage of the league and the Champions League. What happened against Borussia was a declared revelation, and therefore a certainty.” It's time to think about whether this is the best match for Arsenal“, expressed the former German player to Sky90, focusing mainly on the fact that Bayern's immediate future this year includes doing something in the Champions League.

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Thomas Tuchel himself was responsible for congratulating Leverkusen on their potential win in the domestic championship. How many points are there already?“, the coach stated in the press conference after the defeat against Borussia. And the feeling of Tuchel's departure upon his return to the German League It's not like the one he left when he left Dortmund and went to England.

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He is the coach who has triumphed in the Premier League, and in many other places too, where Didi Hamann has his eyes on more than one A potential immediate replacement for Thomas Tuchel. Furthermore, it is the only major European tournament, besides France, in which he has not coached.

“There are many on the market, but I am thinking of Mourinho. You can think what you want about him, But at Chelsea the players loved him. Hamann, who believes that the Portuguese is more than capable of taking over the leadership of Bayern within eight or 10 weeks, described: “He is an exceptional man from a professional standpoint.” Make it a competitive enough team To at least surpass Arsenal and, who knows, think about something bigger in the Champions League.

“It's not about anymore Tuchel, Eberle, Kane or Kimmich. It's Bayern, one of the top eight teams in Europe. “If he plays the way he knows how, he will have a good chance of qualifying against Arsenal.”