April 19, 2024

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The Sims 5 leaked what its open world map will be like

The Sims 5 leaked what its open world map will be like

A new leak from The Sims 5 points to one of the game's core aspects: its worldbuilding

The Sims 5 is in development by Maxis and Electronic Arts

Sims 5 It is one of the most promising projects in the video game sector. the A new version of the life simulator developed by Maxis and Electronic Arts It's still waiting for news to be provided to determine a potential launch window, though Rumors and leaks They never stop making their way to the net. If a few weeks ago it was highlighted that the business would change its graphic engine, it might have been revealed by now What will your open world be like?.

In addition to A Alleged play That are circulated in Internet forums that can appear The first details of The Sims 5In the last few hours, details of the creation of the environment that will define the Maxis title have also emerged. User for Reddit It conducted its own investigations based on these leaked materials to determine How big will the proposal map be?This is what can be seen in the image we show you below.

Sims 5 map

Possibility of building a map for The Sims 5.

Of course this It could just be an invention This has nothing to do with the final outcome of The Sims 5, but the leaker offers some of it Details that can be completely credibleas an inspiration for its concept.

The Sims 5 map can be based on the city of Paris

“Rene Project [Los Sims 5] It is the latest title developed by Maxis. This map was extracted from the data myself via the Project Rene beta that leaked a few weeks ago. The red colored area on the map indicates the playable area in the playtest. Here are some comparisons between the map and some in-game screenshots that show the map matching up correctly. also I believe the map is based on the city of Paris, as I also found real-world photographic references in the game files,” the user explains in the Reddit post’s description.

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At the moment, of course, We'll have to wait for any kind of information from Maxis and Electronic Arts To confirm these supposed details regarding The Sims 5. However, it appears that The first reliable leak Related to the new installment of the franchise that is in development.