May 27, 2022

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Lío en el Bayern por irse de fiesta a Ibiza tras la última derrota

Germany’s Messi in Bayern to celebrate in Ibiza after recent defeat

Dark clouds approaching the Allianz Arena. A week after their 10th consecutive victory in the German League, Bayern Munich once again showed their worst face and fell 3-1 in their visit to MainzShe was ranked 10th in the best German competition before being awarded the champion. Instead of criticizing After a season in which they were eliminated from Bochal in the second stage against Gladbach (5-0) and in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League at the hands of Villarreal, Bayern players preferred to celebrate in Ibiza.

This is revealed by German newspaper Bild, which ensures that most of the team did not take long to board a private jet after the slap in the face of defeat in Mainz to celebrate the title on the Balearic Island.. A few players remain in the Bavarian capital, including Munich captain Manuel Neuer. The rest will celebrate in Ibiza until next Tuesday, the date when Julian Nagelsmann called him to the Sports City to prepare for the penultimate match of the season against Stuttgart next Sunday.

It’s yet another chapter in the season that leaves a bitter taste among fans A six-time European champion. Both the poor role he played in the Bochal and Champions League as well as the chaos surrounding Lewi’s increasingly likely departure and doubts over Nagelsmann’s athletic project ended up putting more than one on the wire. Even the coach himself admitted before the massacre in Mainz that he faces a severe ravine: “But I still have a railing to hold on to,” he stressed. Meanwhile, his players are celebrating in Ibiza.

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Matthews: “I will take tougher measures”

The first reactions to the trip to Ibiza were not long, and the first to utter them was Lothar Matthews: “It’s totally unacceptable, especially after a match like this,” he said. The Bayern legend stated on Sky, adding: “If they had won yesterday, I would have said: stay in Ibiza for three days. If it was Nagelsmann, I would have taken even tougher measures: rest days after this match was cancelled.”.