May 23, 2022

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Helicóptero Ingenuity en Marte

The stunning image taken by Ingenuity on Mars

The ingenuity helicopter Captured from a bird’s eye view of how I perseverance landing at Mars Together with the team that helped him carry out the maneuver.

One year after the Perseverance arrived on the Red Planet, the program’s engineers took over return mars sample, Those collecting samples from Mars to bring to Earth in 2030 asked if this helicopter could crash on one of the flightsThis robot’s photo collection arrives.

So did ingenuity. in that The 26th flight took pictures of the striped parachute Used in landing perseverance, known as “Seven Minutes of Terror” By happening faster than radio signals reach Earth. In addition, he also saw a file background layer Cone-shaped, which helped the robot to perform the maneuver.

It appears that the cables connecting the rear case (center) to the canopy (top left) are still intact.

Thanks to ingenuity, had perseverance Best documented landing in history By having cameras that showed everything from the inflating of the parachute to the landing. It was also possible to see Back case and how I left a debris field hit the surface of Mars.

The back shell and its debris field can be seen from the Ingenuity site above the landing site.

During this 20th air tour in Ebdaa, the helicopter flew at 1181 feet (360 meters) for 49 minutes. In total, he traveled 3.9 miles (6.3 kilometers) To capture these images that will be used to study the landing components and prepare future missions on Mars, both landing and taking off from the surface of Mars.

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