May 22, 2022

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Radio Havana Cuba |  Venezuela's message of solidarity to the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

Radio Havana Cuba | Venezuela’s message of solidarity to the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

The Venezuelan Vice President sent a message to the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Photo: The Latin Press

CARACAS, May 1 (RHC) The Executive Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, has sent a message of solidarity to the mothers and grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina.

The day before, the official wrote on Twitter, “Our hugs and solidarity with the Great Mother Hebe Bonafini and all the women who make up the Association of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, on the 45th anniversary of the struggle for human rights since April 30, 1977 when they took the Plaza de Mayo to demand from the dictatorship the return of their sons and daughters alive.” .

The association was founded in Argentina 45 years ago to demand the return of those who disappeared during the military dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, then the leader of the so-called junta that ruled the Argentine nation between 1976 and 1983.

During this phase, more than 30,000 cases of enforced disappearance were counted, which in most cases remain unresolved.

They were honored on Saturday with a sentimental act in the memory and human rights space of the former ESMA, where government officials participated.

“Despite the sticks and wheelchairs, the madmen are still standing,” said activist Tati Almeida, 91, during the event in which he especially remembered the deceased musician Miguel Angel Estrella, a tireless campaigner for human rights.

“We weren’t heroines or anything like that. We did what any mother of a child would do” they asserted, “They called us crazy and yes, we were crazy with pain, anger and helplessness. They tore the most precious thing a woman could have, turning it into love and not hate and into a peaceful struggle.” . (source: latin press)

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