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Get a shiny Munchlax as a gift in Pokémon The Turquoise Mask by beating this complex challenge

Get a shiny Munchlax as a gift in Pokémon The Turquoise Mask by beating this complex challenge

There’s a way to get a shiny Munchlax as a gift in your Turquoise Mask of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple DLC game, but only if you’re able to beat that challenge.

Shiny Munchlax She is one of several Gifts Available to players in the Turquoise Mask DLC, First downloadable content From the expansion corridor Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple. However, this special Pokemon can only be obtained by completing a file Specific challenge Which certainly won’t be a piece of cake for many players. In this entry Our complete guide We will reveal it to you road To get Shiny Munchlax and what it is Best tips Which you have to take into consideration.

What are the requirements to receive a Shiny Monclax as a gift?

If you want to get a shiny Munchlax as a gift in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, you should keep in mind that this reward is Exclusive For players who have I bought an expansion card From these versions, therefore, you can access the DLC for The Turquoise Mask and Norutio area.

And after he said this, Condition to claim Shiny Munchlax is the following:

  • you have to Successfully complete the “Hard” level From the game Ogrehunter.
  • Once you achieve this, talk to the character again. Games booth at Norutio Cultural Centre.
  • This way you will get a shiny Munchlax Special bonus.

Please note that in order to play the “Hard” level of the Ogre Hunter game First you will have to overcome the previous two levels“Easy” and “Normal” in that order. Ogrehunter isn’t particularly complex in its early rounds, but as it gets more difficult, Things get complicated.

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At the highest difficulty levels, Ogre Hunter can pose a real problem for players who intend to play this mini-game alone. You probably won’t be able to beat all the “Hard” difficulty rounds on your own, so… The most desirable thing is to form a team with other players Through online jobs. At least one of the players in the group must Take on the role of defender To be sure Scare voracious Pokemon Let them try to steal the berries while others quickly collect them. If there is no defender to scare off the Pokemon, you will almost certainly fail, remember that.

Properties of shiny munchlax

The shiny Munchlax that you can get as a reward for completing the most difficult level in his Ogrehunter game The following features:

  • level: 1
  • man: natural
  • Metamorphosis: natural
  • Movements: Processing and tongue
  • nature: feverish

It is worth noting that this Munchlax It will always appear in its color-changing version (Shiny) Guaranteed. Of course, if you go further Evolve into Snorlax When I get to you High friendship will have a shiny snorlax. With that being said, this Munchlax is always there 3 of your IV is maxed outaccompanies him Cunning slogan It comes out as large as possible.