June 23, 2024

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Glowing sharks found in the depths of the Pacific

“These animals were listed, but For the first time in the world, we were able to observe their luminosityJerome Mallefet, a scientist, was delighted Discovery There are three glowing sharks, two light sharks and a lychee shark in the eastern Pacific Ocean off New Zealand. Western France. An important step in the knowledge of life at sea.

Their light “acts as a camouflage Or spy signal but also to illuminate the sea Surprise the prey“, Explains the researcher who was interviewed by the Belgian newspaper Evening.

These are animals, Observed by Louvain groups at the Catholic University of Belgium, also known as the Twilight Zone or the Penumbra Zone of the Sea, To a depth of 200 to 1,000 meters. Part of the ocean receives very poor light, which is a lack of light, which prevents any growth of photosynthesis in plants.

Hormonal regulation of light

According to a Belgian scientist, there are 540 species of sharks in the world 57 of them “can emit light”. “So far, we have studied seven or eight,” says one of the authors of the study, which was carried out on fish from the Saddam Plateau in eastern New Zealand. Boundaries in marine science.

These sharks “do not seem to produce their own light like other bioluminescent animals”: they “Control their light production by hormones, Most bioluminescent organisms found to date use neural control to stimulate their light “, continues Jerome Mallefet.

These are Sharks Bioluminescent length is less than two meters. Litch shark, 1.80 meters, “becomes the largest glowing vertebrate known as”.

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