February 28, 2024

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Google Files adopts the best feature of Google Drive

Google Files adopts the best feature of Google Drive

Little by little application google files It has become a classic and essential for our Android phones. Besides the fact that it comes pre-installed on many phones running Google’s operating system, the fact is that it is a really useful application, which is why it is gradually gaining popularity. What’s more now it adopts what is undoubtedly the best function of Google Drive, because it offers us a very fast way to scan new documents, thanks to a function that is now even easier to use with this update.

Scanning documents just got easier

They have shared a photo on the social network X where you can see The latest big news from Google Files, a storage management application on our phone. Specifically, it is a function that allows you to quickly scan documents, as a new shortcut has been added to the main page of the application. So much so that we see this function presented in the same way.

This is now displayed within a floating icon, which… Allows direct access to scanning documents, which is something we do when we open the phone camera and take pictures of documents, which are directly converted into files that are saved directly in Drive or in our phone gallery. Now, this is a trick, because as specified in the leak, the shortcut is actually the Google Drive app.

So what is now merged is The same shortcut that Google Drive launched just last week, which has been added just above the New Document button to create these documents from scans with this newly arrived button. So it’s basically accessing Google Drive within Google Files, something that can undoubtedly be useful when we use Files and find that we need to scan a document, without having to first access the other application, but doing it directly from Files.

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For now, it looks like these new features are coming to the app Through updating Which at least we were not pleased to receive, so as usual it will gradually expand throughout the different regions and is therefore something that should arrive in the coming weeks. However, we shouldn’t rule out that this could be a new feature exclusive to Google’s Pixel 8, since Mountain View users usually introduce these new features first on their phones.

Undoubtedly an interesting novelty that even those of us who use this Google app have Easier to scan documents. Compared to the alternative at the beginning of the century of using table scanners to digitize our documents, what these applications offer us is now undoubtedly more practical and easier to use.