February 23, 2024

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The industry is celebrating that the UN climate summit is putting health at the centre

The industry is celebrating that the UN climate summit is putting health at the centre

The joint position signed by the European Pharmaceutical Federation (Ibia), to which it belongs Farm industryAnd eight other associations in the sector, including the International Association (IFPMA), United State (Pharma) or United Kingdom (APBI) “celebrated” The document was signed at the Climate Summit (COP28), to address climate change as an urgent health challenge.

The document emphasizes that pharmaceutical companies are driving emissions reduction targets To do this, they are investing in research and development with the aim of offering more sustainable products, manufacturing processes and supply chains from an environmental standpoint.

In fact, eight out of 10 large pharmaceutical companies around the world Signed net-zero or neutral emissions commitments in the short termAccording to data provided by APBI. In Spain, there are several major companies that have neutral or zero emissions targets in the coming years, and some already have targets set for 2030.

Also at COP 28, the Climate and Health Declaration was signed, aiming to accelerate action to protect population health from climate impacts. 123 countries signed this declaration, including Spain, This represents a milestone in recognizing the need for governments to prepare health systems to address climate-related impactsIncluding an increase in infectious diseases or air pollution.

You see the innovative pharmaceutical industry Coordination between industry, governments and health systems is essential to achieving these goals In a highly regulated sector. “Investment in science and research, coupled with coordinated global cooperation, will be essential to meeting our shared climate commitments and those set at COP 28,” the position concludes.

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In Spain, in addition to the above-mentioned commitments and globally, plants producing medicines for human use already consume 70% of energy from renewable sources. In addition, waste production has decreased by up to 15% in the past three years.