October 26, 2021

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Google is following Apple's path and suing Epic Games for offering alternative payment methods in Fortnite

Google is following Apple’s path and suing Epic Games for offering alternative payment methods in Fortnite

Google did not stand idly by while watching how the court sentence you dictate On Experience between Epic Games and Apple. Mountain View decided to He launched a lawsuit against the creators of Fortnite He argues about breaching his contract.

“Epic has unfairly affected itself on a Google account”

employment the demand, shared by media such as Ars TechnicaGoogle accuses Epic Games of violating the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA) for We offer alternative payment methods To that created by the App Store in Fortnite in-app purchases.

It’s exactly what blew up everything in August 2020, when the match was was retired Both are from the App Store and Google Play. And seeing that Apple has acquired an Epic pusher Compensation for lost income What it deserves, Google is striving to achieve the same goal.

The lawsuit also mentions a fundamental difference from the Apple App Store: Google Play is not the only app catalog and users are more free to use alternative repositories. There they highlight another problem, that is Epic integrated payments keep working:

“Users who downloaded the non-compliant version prior to its withdrawal from Google Play can still use the Epic payment system to make in-app purchases, allowing Epic to continue to evade the commission payments agreed with Google.”

Since there are alternative app catalogs on Android specifically, Google points out that Epic Games has no hiccups (as in Apple) for you to be able to Distribute Fortnite while saving Google Play rules to another store for Android terminals. But if you want to be on Google Play, you have to accept the Google Play Use Agreement, so Epic has another new legal front on its table. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out, but seeing the sentence about the battle with Apple we can get an idea.

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