July 5, 2022

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Google Pixel 7 Ultra may be on the way according to its first leaks

Google Pixel 7 Ultra may be on the way according to its first leaks

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Last year, Google saw just how much the expectations it had been hoping to raise with the Pixel 6 series faded due to leaks from previous months. This year the company tried to mitigate it Pixel 7 preview at Google I/O 2022Which has surprised many of us since the company’s event usually held in the fall was left without surprises. Although there appears to be a plan B.

The Android icon indicates a third Pixel 7 phone

in 9to5Google They were able to see that in the Android code there are references not only to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, codenamed C10 and P10, but also to a third member codenamed G10.

The funny thing is that the letters C and P were used for the two pixels we see every year, but the letter G hasn’t been used yet. It’s not the Pixel 7a because its screen will have a 120Hz refresh rate, and not even the Pixel 7 has that high.

Google Pixel 7 appears to have been leaked through an eBay sale

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Thus, everything points to a model that will be either between the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro or above both, the latter being more likely. The Ultra title isn’t a leak, but it looks almost industry standard.

It will have the same resolution as the Pixel 7 Pro, but the manufacturer will not be Samsung, but BOE, which is the company that makes iPhone screens.

Ace in the hole?

While it’s still too early to confirm confirmation of the Pixel 7 Ultra, or whatever it will be called, this should explain why Google is introducing the two Pixels we already knew about, in addition to their pricing.

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This more advanced model can compete in the range of 1000 euros and also assumes a leap in terms of what the 7 and 7 Pro will offer, which Looks like they wouldn’t be overly different from their ancestors.

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