January 19, 2022

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Grammy Award winner Aida Cuevas reveals the ills the coronavirus has left her

Grammy Award winner Aida Cuevas reveals the ills the coronavirus has left her

Aida Cuevas spoke about the consequences Covid-19 has had on her body.

The singer was unable to reach the semi-finals of MasterChef Celebrity due to illness, as she was recovering when the penultimate class was taped and had to abruptly leave.

“Unfortunately, yes (it has sequelae), not the lungs, which is what I live with, I have always devoted myself to exercise and keeping it healthy and it hasn’t hurt me, but I know my hair is falling out, my sense of smell is going away, my joints hurt

“Blessed be God, I am still here, fatigue comes to me suddenly, but I received the two vaccines, if I did not get them, I would not tell you,” he said.

Aida Cuevas, Grammy Award winning 2018 ranchera singer.

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The translator said that the time she spent in “the most famous cuisine of Mexico” changed it, because now she is a fan of cooking.

“I learned a lot, I was afraid that they would take me out in the first program, but I did not want to get out of the first program, I started to take the situation and when I realized that I was already in the 10th program, but I had to leave the competition and they would not wait for me, when I felt better, I was already in Final “.

On the musical issue, Aida was nominated for a US Grammy Award in the “Best Regional Mexican Album” category for the album “Antología de la Música Ranchera Vol.2”.

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