July 1, 2022

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Fossils are dinosaur bones and other misconceptions about them

Fossils are dinosaur bones and other misconceptions about them

Often we tend to talk about it dinosaur bones, as if this is what paleontologists discovered. However, strictly speaking, fossils They are not bones. son A reflection of what were once the hard parts of an organism, from its bones to its claws, through its shell or seeds, in the case of plants. But to this day they are only rocks.

Of course, this “single” does not confuse us or lead us to think that it is a secondary thing. Fossils are really interesting rocks, which They give us a lot of information From the living things that were once.

But returning to the topic of their formation, if they are not bones, then how are they formed? The key is in a process called petrification, which just happens under very specific circumstancesHence, we don’t have the land littered with fossils of dinosaurs, mammoths and prehistoric sharks.

From bones to fossils

In general, when a living organism dies, quickly collapsesEspecially if it’s in the open. Therefore, the first condition that bones or any solid part of the body must be fulfilled to become a fossil is that they be quickly buried.

It can happen for any reason as long as sediment deposition of land on them, although it is more likely to happen when They fell on the river Or the sea for example. In this way, it will be easier to block the passage of oxygen, which will facilitate its decomposition. However, the soft parts gradually degrade. But in the meantime, minerals from the sediment seep into the remaining holes. in this way, Bones, shells, shells, or even stems or seeds of a plant They serve as a template for the final shape of the fossil.

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