July 14, 2024

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Guatemalan authorities are carrying out an operation to reclaim the prison

Guatemalan authorities are carrying out an operation to reclaim the prison

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First, we will find all the bays (hidden places and annexes), so “we have to tear down all the walls and raise the entire floor” and then we will turn it into a real maximum security prison, with strict controls and claimed use of technology.

When it is renovated and becomes a real prison of its kind again, it will be rehoused, Jiménez, who has insisted since taking office on January 15, has insisted on various measures to stop insecurity in the country.

He stressed, of course, regarding the Infernito, “according to their condition as prisoners.” “These are prisons, not vacations,” he stressed, praising the work of the team involved in diligence.

For its part, the National Civil Police explained that 225 members of the 18 gang were transferred to another prison, where it will be reconstituted and restructured.

He explained that a group was sent to the Preventive Detention Center for Men in District 18 of this city and another to the Pavone penal farm in Vryjanes, after the operation led by the Director General of that force, David Custodio Buteo.

At the end of February, Jiménez announced the creation of a multidisciplinary team to monitor access to prisons, and then the special anti-extortion group, which focused on working at strategic points to combat crime.

The official previously explained that the arrests so far mean that companies, small business owners, workers and citizens in general will not receive calls demanding money based on threats.

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The joint effort of the specialized units of the Palestinian National Council, under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, aims to dismantle criminal organizations operating from prisons.

Analysts noted that the prisoner transfers come at the end of a week of intense criticism directed at the current executive authority due to criminal acts that have affected Guatemalan society.

They recalled the discovery of the body of a young content generator on social networks, with the general dream of becoming a singer, who, according to the first hypotheses, was supposed to be executed by members of the gang 18.