August 19, 2022

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Definición en el gimnasio: 5 errores comunes con las pesas y cómo evitarlos

Gym definition: 5 common weight mistakes and how to avoid them

If you’re in the process of getting introduced to the gym, you should know that dumbbells can be your great ally. In bench press, they will, for example, allow you to gain the volume and tone of your chest as long as it is used correctly. Now, this is an important nuance. Any neglect can cause other muscles to be called in parallel to assist the body in movement.which means as published by the specialized website heath men You are working with the arms more than the area you really want to grow (in this case the chest).

In a video clip on his YouTube channel, fitness trainer Jeremy Ether -the prestigious magazine Echo-In this article, he offers a series of tips on what he himself considers to be the 5 most common mistakes people make in the gym with dumbbells. And ways to improve your style to look bigger and do it right.

The most common mistakes in bench press

The first thing to consider is the track: many gymnastsin their definition process, choose a wide arm path for this exercise and move the dumbbells up and down, allowing themselves to take on more weight. This is because you are not using your chest, but your arm will actually carry the risk of injury.

“To maximize chest activation, you want to position your arms in the same direction that your chest fibers are moving,” says Ethere. “you want Bend your elbows at a 45-60 degree angle with your body Thus allowing the elbows to grip inward a bit…the dumbbells will not move up and down in a straight line but forward on the way down and backward on the way up,” reveals the fitness specialist.

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The second big mistake you can make is with your arms. Etier noted that the more weight on the dumbbell press, the more it bends inward, shortening the lever. In this way, instead of the chest, the exercise burdens the triceps, making the movement easier (not what you are looking for). lose weight, Keep your forearm perpendicular to your elbow on each rep You will notice the difference immediately.”

Jeremy Ethere also highlights this, among other common mistakes Using the shoulders by bringing them forward at the upper end of the movement can be harmful. This may improve your shoulders, but not your chest. Ethere says it’s best to engage your chest with some chest-opening exercises before you start pressing dumbbells. For example: stretch your back on a foam roller or do a back-and-forth motion with an elastic band.

Regarding the fourth error, the professional assures that it is easy to fix. Some people touch the dumbbells together at the top of the movement, although the arms are again in a fully extended position and this is as far as you can go with the movement. To maintain constant tension in the chest, Pause after each exercise as soon as your arms are above your shoulders“, He says.

The fifth and final common mistake has to do with the seat angle. “To do something other than dumbbell presses on the bench, I also recommend the bench raise once a week Etier also says. “In this sense, the small inclination is between 15 and 30 degrees to facilitate the goal of working with the chest part.

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