December 3, 2021

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Hailee Steinfeld confirmed that Kate Bishop didn’t disappear with a flick from Thanos

Since Thanos has made half of the living creatures in the MCU quickly disappear, one of the most frequently asked questions on the throne of new Marvel Studios productions has to do with how this event will affect its characters. Thus, while in a series like WandaVision The answer was a little clearer in terms of new characters and in tapes like shang chi Nothing is created directly, in case hook King Hailee Steinfeld It didn’t take long for the suspicions about Kate Bishop to dissipate.

Without going into spoilers during the first episodes of hook proved to be Kate is 22 years old, which is the age that takes into account recovery And that the series will be developed in the present day of the MCU (ie between 2023 and 2025) would indicate that Archer did not disappear during the snap of Thanos.

But since the series has yet to confirm or deny this conclusion, Steinfeld herself has made it clear that, like Clint Barton, K.Eat was not a victim of the hijacker.

“No, I think we see her survive and we see, you know, the loss is there as well.” Steinfeld said coiling. “That didn’t happen to her.”

Until now hook Did not address the MCU period between Avengers: Infinity War And Avengers: Endgame Beyond the mention of ronin. In this sense, Steinfeld’s words will not only confirm what happened to Kate, but can also anticipate the scenes set at that time.