May 20, 2024

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Hamilton explains Pirelli’s ‘small’ window for F1 2024

Hamilton explains Pirelli’s ‘small’ window for F1 2024

The recent Grand Prix in Miami proved that It is very difficult for drivers to find the ideal tire operating window, where a combination of temperatures, tread surface and layout created a perfect storm of problems. For Lewis Hamilton, things didn’t go well either, since his car is very sensitive to this kind of thing, and goes in and out of that temperature range very quickly.

Reflecting on how things turned out, the seven-time world champion thought so The characteristics of today’s 18-inch Pirelli compounds are something you’ve never experienced before: “I think we work with a small window of tire temperatures. I think with this rubber, in my entire career, I don’t remember ever having such a small window of operation.”

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With the disadvantage of being outside that correct window, given the small loss of time in current Formula 1 Lose many positionsthe Briton noted that it was not easy to deal with this matter: “Honestly, it is probably more frustrating. You look at the times when you had a much larger working window, so you could improve your balance and get a good grip the whole time. A full ride once.” Other, that’s what I like the least.

Lewis Hamilton is not the only driver who believes that tire temperature dictates a lot about overall performance now. Alexander Albon said he had become obsessed with tire temperature: “It’s more about the tires than anything else. It’s as if the same thing happened in China.”

“You’re driving a little faster, you’re moving a little slower, so there’s a lot of race management in the qualifying laps, trying to keep the vehicles alive,” he added. “The track is too hot for these tires, and with all the pressure limits and everything going on, the tires suffer every year.”

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red bull consultant, Helmut MarkoHe said Mercedes had to go into a state of “desperation” when preparing the media for qualifying for the Miami Grand Prix: “I think everyone was trying to get something and it didn’t work out, because the tire characteristics here can’t be calculated.”

“The teams tried to compress the air more or less and make small changes, and the warm-up phases were different. Mercedes even went to the media, I think it was an act of desperation, which shows that no one was in control.” He said. .

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