February 23, 2024

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Hamilton has beaten powerful Fiji and USA in the Sevens to reach the final against New Zealand

Hamilton has beaten powerful Fiji and USA in the Sevens to reach the final against New Zealand

Agustin Fraga scored Pumas 7s’ first try against Fiji in Argentina’s 19-10 quarter-final win at Sevens in Hamilton. – Credit: @Gaspafotos

To think he has failed to make it past the quarter-finals in his last five matches. And what New Zealand Only twice did he reach the semifinals at some point Sevens World Circuit. Now this Cougars 7s The season didn’t start well Finalist Inside Hamilton, the iconic city of the most famous rugby nation. This Sunday in Buenos Aires (which will be telecast on the Star+ platform) at 3.56 will define the first match. All blacks 7sThe history, the shirt, the location and even the blow he delivered can be intimidating France In the semi-finals: 38-0.

But Argentina has its own. In the quarter-finals they soundly defeated one of the world tour’s strongholds, Fiji: 10-19. Then, to America, with clear superiority: 24-14.

Courage in attack, opportunism in definition and a team to overcome granite defences PG Inside Seven. That’s what he got on this New Zealand Sunday morning Cougars 7sBy clearly defeating the best World Tour, makes the difference in physicality and technical skills when his players pass the ball. And that too on the last day Hamilton Sevens He had huge support at FMG Stadium. The Argentine national team won 10-19 The Islanders in the quarterfinals and advanced to the semifinals to face him America In a short time.

It contains Fourth match round, Argentina were in the top four at one stage for the first time this season. He was equally competitive in the relationship, but when the story started to go bad Jeremiah Matana It was left alone at some point. Fiji have the largest group of sevens players, even though they are in the process of turnover, which is by nature and how they feel about rugby. But the Pumas 7s did not lose focus, they had the ball and hurt.

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Luciano González’s try vs. PG

In the first instance, via Augustine Fraga, a deadly finisher. The Cuban finished the game well at one point and equalized Santiago Vera Feld. In the last game of the first half, Mark Monetta He was poised to score, but his attempt was disallowed due to an earlier forward pass.

In the second half, the Pumas 7s did not give up the lead. Luciano Gonzalez He struck with the pure power that characterizes La Rioja. Moneta’s rematch came two minutes later, leaving him in a two-on-two situation with plenty of room. The winger, who was the man in the win over Canada, lived up to it as he played for the first time since returning home. Argentina moved too quickly and didn’t allow BG to gain momentum in attacks. And Madana’s second try only served to embellish the final score.

MONETA took over Fiji

After Lost in quarter finals in last five matches, including the World Cup, Santiago Gómez Cora’s men finally broke through that barrier, and Argentina went beyond the semi-finals they had only reached twice in New Zealand in 2005 and 2009. At this point, they’re 24-14 over the United States, a contender far from the powers that be, but generally hanging around good positions on the circuit. Pumas 7s won the last three games 42-24, 31-5 and 36-0. Now, in Hamilton, he was clearly superior. From beginning to end.

Luciano Gonzalez broke the deadlock before the end of the first minute, breaking near the ruck. Two minutes from the break, Monetta drew up one of his characteristic plays: a drag down, a race won from a rival and a try between the posts. After this great maneuver, something strange happened: the wing received a header from Gonzalez during the celebration, which caused the right insertion of the lower jaw to swell. Santiago Vera Feld Provided both changes. And on the last play of the opening period Joe Schroeder Accessed for USA: 14-7.

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Moneta’s big game against USA

Argentina’s dominance continued in the final half Santiago Alvarez ForgateReturned to the squad selected in this championship after nearly a year of inactivity due to injury, and Matias Osadczuk They outshot the Pumas 7s 24-7 and it looked decisive. It is because of the discount Perry BakerBefore the change Steve TomasinIt’s late.

Now, after Los Angeles 2004, San Diego 2009 and Vanwooser 2022, the Argentine is looking for his fourth consecration at a point in World Tour history. It will be making its 16th final, the 2nd in New Zealand (the other was in Wellington in 2005. The most recent precedent against New Zealanders was the last match in Cape Town, where New Zealand won 21-15. But in the previous match, in Dubai, the Pumas 7s beat them 31-28. .Hence, the last final the two faced off was in Cape Town in 2017 which ended in a 38-14 victory for the All Blacks 7s.

Now, it is very possible that Agustin Fraga, who was so important in the Hamilton Sevens, is not in the UAR squad.