December 4, 2021

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New Zealand has the longest named mountain in the world, with 85 letters - and more regions - internationally

New Zealand has the longest named mountain in the world, 85 characters – most areas – international

New Zealand

Mountain is one of the longest names in the world. This is a Google review.



New Zealand It has a place of interest, whose name is one of the longest in the world. About தமதவ்ஹகடங்கிஹங்ககோஆஓஓடமதேதுரிபுககாபிகிமங்காஹோரோனுகுபோகைவெனுகிதனதாஹு, A hill about 300 meters high got its name Mோori language, According to New Zealand Travel Specialty Pages.

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Name of this place “Tamadiya, also known as the ‘Land Eater’, with his big knees sliding, climbing and swallowing mountains, played the flute for his loved ones.”.

Mountain It is located about 55 km south வைப்பகுராவ். The site has an interesting 85 character name and is known for Maori legends told by the local people of the area.

The mountain is so popular that hundreds of internet users have shared their photos on social media after visiting the place. In one of the most shared videos, a man who reads the sign with the name of the mountain syllable in syllable takes 25 seconds to pronounce the whole word.

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