August 19, 2022

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He believes that Jennifer Hermoso's arrival in Liga MX Femenil will boost salaries and the level of the sport

He believes that Jennifer Hermoso’s arrival in Liga MX Femenil will boost salaries and the level of the sport

The national teams consider that the signing of the Spanish top scorer will place more demands on players and teams to support women’s football

players mexican women’s teamwho began their journey looking for a place in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023, welcome the arrival of beautiful jennifer To Mexico, since signings such as those of the highest scorer in the history of the Spanish national team are so essential that salaries are in MX Women’s League increase.

“Players like her who come into our league have to boost the level, they have to boost the other clubs, both at the managerial level to start looking for more signings like this and start raising salaries,” said Alexia Delgado, a midfielder from North America. University of Arizona.

Delgado commented that it is not only an administrative level MX Women’s League It will increase with the arrival of players like beautiful jennybut also in sports, players who play in national football will have to raise their potential.

“At the player level, it’s a sign that we’re starting to raise the bar and the tempo. In terms of professionalism, it’s clear that MX Women’s League It grows a lot. I think with this signing it shows, but I think more needs to be added and we as players have to work day in and day out and make the league grow even more.”

Meanwhile, Cassandra Monteiro, a Chivas player who secured her place in Monica Vergara’s call, asked the leaders not to forget the women’s team quarries in Mexico, by bringing deals such as Handsome Mexican football.

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“We must not leave aside our girls from the quarry, which is already in the league (under 18) and there is motivation. For the clubs the focus should be so that they do not neglect this support for future generations, for future footballers the signings are very respectable and they are good for MX Women’s League Keep growing so they can continue to support us.”

About the friendly match for mexican women’s team Against Peru, Cassandra and Alexia know that this will be the last test before El Tre begins their participation in the Women’s World Cup.

“I believe that each of us has different qualities and that makes the team complement each other in the best way. Teamwork is that we have each other and that is one of our strengths and we know what is to come will be a great challenge, but we are confident that we have worked to do great things. An important tournament,” Montero commented.