March 1, 2024

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He launched his clothing brand after leaving Nike to earn the same amount of money as Federer|  satisfaction

He launched his clothing brand after leaving Nike to earn the same amount of money as Federer| satisfaction

Tiger Woods is one of the best athletes of all time, One of those faces that everyone knows. he Winner of 15 majors I have always been closely associated with NikeWho accompanied him for nearly three decades of his sporting career, and was associated with him even before he became a winner. But it all exploded at the beginning of the year when… The player announced that he had separated from the sports brand. Who can sign him to a better contract? The answer is simple: the same.

Woods returns to action this week to compete in The Genesis Invitational. A championship that has a lot of prestige and following. Despite his careful selection of events he participates in, the American remains, by far, the most followed golfer on the planet. No one comes close to him, and Now everyone will see a new sports brand on their polo shirts: Sun Day Red.

With the help of the PGA Tour, Tiger Yesterday morning, he announced the new company that will provide him with the equipment he will play with in tournaments in the coming years. It's a newly created brand that hopes to reach many homes, and why not dress up other players. The name was not chosen randomly, and it is common to see Woods wearing red during tournament Sundays.

“Sun Day Red is not just another apparel brand; it is poised to redefine what golfers expect from their apparel. It is the culmination of Tiger's extensive experience, a brand built on the belief that clothing can be a sign of style and a tool of performance. Pieces that will have patterns, constructions and “Never-before-seen technical details aimed at elevating all levels of play.”He refers to the brand on his website. The logo is also a tiger with 15 stripes honoring his name and his sporting successes.

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Woods signed a five-year, $40 million contract with Nike in 1996. Upon completion, the two parties renewed the agreement for another five years, but for 100 million. It is estimated that throughout his sporting career, the American company gave him more than 500 kilograms to wear its clothes.. But that deal expired at the beginning of 2024 and now Tiger is looking for his own project.

Example Roger Federer

The golfer's departure may be as traumatic for the group as the movie starring Roger FedererIn 2018, it accepted $300 million over a decade from the Uniqlo brandWhether it is still active or not. In addition, the Swiss took a small stake in shoe company ON Running, which when it went public in September 2021, took its price to $11 billion. The initial investment of the former tennis player was about 50 million euros and in a short time it multiplied by 10.

Woods now hopes to replicate that model of success. This week he won't be wearing his usual Nike polo shirts, instead he will be wearing a tiger on his chest. Sun Day Red has arrived in the golf world and hopes to continue making strides in its expansion, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the player's own pockets.

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