December 4, 2023

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He sneaks into a New York fashion show disguised as a garbage bag and no one notices

He sneaks into a New York fashion show disguised as a garbage bag and no one notices

What happened at the New York Fashion Week show, otherwise known as New York Fashion Week, is absolutely crazy. The place where the event is held is one of the safest places in the American city, but sometimes there is a gap that allows people to sneak past people who should not be there, as is the case with YouTube. Fred Baerfrom He made history on social media by going viral after sneaking onto the platform disguised with a plastic bag and a shower cap on his head.. The worst part is that no one notices until a security person pulls him off the stage.

YouTuber gets kicked out of New York Fashion Week after sneaking into the event disguised with a plastic bag and shower cap

The audience reaction is incredible, because No one ignores the small intrusion that security forces cause to the content creator to get him out of there. As quickly as possible, without changing the event. The YouTuber doesn’t fight it much either, because he’s fully aware of the mess he’s making. Baer is known for playing practical jokes, but he may have crowned himself with one, as he disrupted the runway lineup at New York Fashion Week completely posing as who knows what exactly. However, the YouTuber’s time in front of the public was rather short, as security personnel acted quickly so his joke would end sooner rather than later.

Of course, no one can take away from Bayer the harm he has done, and at New York Fashion Week no more no less. The creator has around 300,000 followers on YouTube, where he posts videos doing all kinds of crazy things: Disturbing the police, setting off fire alarms, or even sucking the feet of manicure shop users.

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