June 23, 2024

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He wanted to go on Erasmus in England and got a place in New Zealand for not paying attention to the lyrics to “Laugh at Me”.

He wanted to go on Erasmus in England and got a place in New Zealand for not paying attention to the lyrics to “Laugh at Me”.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to read carefully and check what we are buying or signing before taking action. Taking the time to understand the details and evaluate our options can help us make purchases or make decisions in a more informed and accurate manner.

This has been proven by a TikTok user @esthergisperttA young woman who is going viral explains how she wanted to go on Erasmus to the UK and got a place in New Zealand because she didn’t pay attention to the letters when applying.

Video. As he explains in the video, he is in his second year of study and will go on Erasmus next year. “I wanted to go to Canterbury in England, but since it’s no longer in the EU, it’s no longer included in the Erasmus program, but in the exchange program,” he points out.

options. While reviewing options, the young woman looked at two universities in Canterbury and thought they would be different places, so she applied for the one with the most potential. However, when he was finally assigned the target, he realized that it was not what he had imagined.

The young woman did not see that the University of Canterbury existed in New Zealand

TikTok @esthergispertt

New Zealand. “When I saw Canterbury I thought what an illusion, but I saw in the brackets, instead of England, they gave me New Zealand, it was 19,000 kilometers from my home, the flight cost 1,900 euros one way, 37 hours. 4 stops”, he assures. .

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Prague. Fortunately, the young woman was also accepted in Prague: “Thank you, I will be without exchange because I am stupid,” she says, “I say this so that you can laugh. Me, because I have long been a monument in my group of friends.” Friends”.

Great comments. It didn’t take long for the event to go viral, with over 96,000 views and all sorts of comments: “I think I’ll be more excited about New Zealand”, “They gave you NZ for the UK. You’ll win with a change”, “Destiny wants you to be”. , “You don’t miss anything in Canterbury (England), that’s fine, but for a complete Erasmus you might get bored” or “NZ is very good” “, are some of the most popular reactions from users.

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