May 21, 2024

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Health obtains 16 ultrasound machines for health centers in La Palma

Health obtains 16 ultrasound machines for health centers in La Palma

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Directorate General of Assistance Programs of the Health Service of the Canary Islands, is promoting the implementation and development of clinical ultrasound in primary care centers in all health regions of the archipelago through the acquisition of a total of 180 machines. Ultrasound is currently being distributed to health centers on all islands. 16 will be distributed in La Palma.

Explains that this is one of the measures envisaged within the comprehensive strategy for primary and community care, + AP. SCS has allocated an investment of €5,442,660 for this funded acquisition With next generation money.

He adds that with the integration of this equipment, family medicine and pediatrics specialists can use ultrasound as another exploration tool in their clinical practice and, in this way, direct their diagnoses more appropriately, which has a positive impact on the quality of the assistance provided. To the population.

By health regions, the 180 ultrasound machines were distributed as follows: 65 in Tenerife, 64 in Gran Canaria, 16 in La Palma, 12 in Lanzarote, 10 in La Gomera, nine in Fuerteventura and four in El Hierro.

He adds that the implementation of this equipment is accompanied by a process of theoretical and practical training for the professionals who will deal with it so that they know its advantages and capabilities.

Benefits of clinical ultrasound in primary care

He explained that clinical ultrasound is an essential tool in primary care. In clinical practice, the use of ultrasound has become part of the physical examination performed on the patient, improving his performance, because it allows monitoring and measuring multiple organs that are difficult to evaluate using other methods.

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In addition, it serves to guide the suspected diagnosis and direct the decision-making process in a more effective way, he adds. This reduces the number of additional complementary tests, as well as referrals to specialist care. In cases where such a referral is required, the indicators are more accurate and of higher quality, which speeds up the diagnosis and treatment process.

He points out that in the emergency field, ultrasound makes it possible to detect potentially dangerous diseases in less time, which makes it possible to reduce consequences and even deaths in some cases.

It is concluded that the integration of this equipment into primary health care centers on all islands allows explorations to be carried out in different anatomical regions and different clinical situations.