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Rain of criticism of Neymar from Lola and Bruna Biancardi to another party!

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01/11/2023 at 11:01

Central European time

Brazilian soccer star Neymar underwent surgery to treat his disease Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament of the left kneesuffer During the Brazil-Uruguay match on October 17. The operation was performed on Wednesday at Matirde Hospital in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Moreover, too He had time before the operation to organize a big party And stir up controversy in his country.

Despite his club Al-Hilal’s recommendation to intervene in Paris. Neymar decided to undergo surgery in his country of origin. The operation was performed by the doctor of the Brazilian national team and Atletico Mineiro. Rodrigo Lasmar, who has previously treated the footballer in the pastHe repaired the metatarsal of his right foot in 2018 and participated in surgery on his right ankle last March.

However, before the surgery, Neymar found himself in the middle of a controversy involving Brazilian President Lula. During the program “Conversations with the President”, Lula praised Lionel Messi for winning his eighth Ballon d’Or. It indirectly eluded Neymar, who organized a party with excesses last weekend at his villa in Mangaratiba.Close to Rio de Janeiro.

President Lula He called for professionalism and dedication, and suggested that those seeking to win the Ballon d’Or should refrain from out-of-control behavior and celebrations.. This comment seemed to be directed at Neymar, whose extravagant parties were often the subject of controversy.

The incident sparked controversy in Brazil about Neymar’s behavior.Especially after his recent paternity from Bruna Biancardi, who expressed her disappointment on social media. Public opinion is divided on the issue as the footballer recovers from his injury and He faces criticism because of his lifestyle.

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Neymar will now proceed Rehabilitation period to recover from your injury In the left knee and return to the field in the best possible conditions.

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