July 14, 2024

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Health says the Puente Genil public health platform “does not seek solutions, but rather confrontation” – Spain

Health says the Puente Genil public health platform “does not seek solutions, but rather confrontation” – Spain

The health and consumer affairs delegate of the Andalusian government in Córdoba, María Jesús Botella, criticized that the public health platform of Puente Genil “does not seek to solve the hospital problems” in the city, but rather “what it seeks is political confrontation”, while at the same time distorting that “ “He repeatedly makes false statements and statements.”

This was stated by the health official, explaining that it is “completely false” that the Puente Genil Hospital “is being dismantled”, stressing that the statements issued by the aforementioned platform, which are “untrue”, are creating a “toxic environment” for those who work in the local health field. .

In this context, Maria Jesús Botella emphasized that “no hospital wards are being dismantled, no emergency cases are being carried out, no diagnostic tests are being performed, no external consultations are being carried out, and of course, “the surgical activity is not being dismantled either”.

However, the delegate stated that this “does not mean that everything is going well”, because “we have a very big shortage of doctors”, which is a problem “common throughout Spain”. “Those on the platform know this truth too, but they don’t say it,” Boutella lamented, adding that they know on the platform that “a large part of this shortage of doctors” is due to “a catastrophic, or perhaps non-existent, situation.” – Presence, planning, and foresight on the part of the Spanish government.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the Puente Genil Public Health Platform “does not demand fair funding for Andalusia by the government of Pedro Sánchez,” noting that “people should know that Andalusia has been discriminated against in regional funding for some time.” Years and that we have An annual gap of 1,400 million euros,” added “the collapse of solidarity between the various autonomous communities, and the issue of the so-called individual financing of Catalonia.”

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In this context, Botella conveyed “all the respect in the world” to “the people who attended in good faith Sunday’s demonstration,” but he expressed his regret that there are those who “deliberately mislead, confuse, and exaggerate,” and for this reason he called for “responsibility, moderation, and serenity” and to desist from “ “Exaggerations” and “lies and signs that do not build anything.”