July 2, 2022

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Los sindicatos exigen a Sanidad personal de vigilancia en todos los centros con Urgencias del área de Torrevieja ante las agresiones

HEALTH TORREVIEJA I calls on doctors to be vigilant in health centers with emergencies in the Torrevieja region to stop the attacks

And theWork Council and Staff Council Representation of the workforce in the department From the health of Torrevieja They called on the center’s administration to take immediate measures to protect health workers in health centers from verbal and even physical attacks to which they are exposed. They ask the Ministry to provide security personnel to protect the latrines. Unions explain that these types of episodes are “systematic” but increasingly frequent, in their view, given the “department situation” and fear it could be exacerbated by the high healthcare pressure associated with the summer period. Professionals feel “weak,” they explained in a letter to management.

The most recent cases occurred in the health center in Orihuela coast. On Tuesday, a man caused an accident by shouting that his doctor would bring him in immediately for discharge processing while admissions staff tried to make him understand that for this specific care, he requested an advance appointment with his primary care physician. The next day, Wednesday, another patient of the admissions staff got angry and ended up doing it Hit the counter, as well as throwing items that were behind the furniture. He also knocked on the door of access to the health center, the only health center with 30,000 residents of the Orihuela coast, where the population triples in the summer months.

The door was physically damaged. When station workers called the local Orihuela police, they were told they did not have a patrol. Doctors Syndicate Urging all employees who experience any kind of aggression to follow the protocol of generalities and to fill out forms that allow the ministry to take specific actions. And theWork Council and Staff Council They called on all the continuing care centers of the Ministry of Health for special monitoring. These health centers are those that receive 24-hour medical assistance.

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Only La Loma Health Centre, the largest and most compact healthcare in the department’s primary care network – which receives IDPs from the city of Torrevieja – has had a permanent private monitoring presence for more than fifteen years in the same access from the infrastructure. But unions are also calling for it for health centers in Pilar de la Horadada, Guardamar del Segura, Rogels, Orihuela Costa and San Miguel de Salinas. All health centers are already experiencing increasing pressure on healthcare since the end of this month with the arrival of residential tourism. Signs of all these dependencies warn of the legal consequences of verbal or physical abuse.

These same centers have been beefed up in emergency care this summer. The doctors on duty for emergencies start their day at 3:00 in the afternoon, not at 9, as they used to do every summer. This allows doctors who perform regular shifts to “free themselves” from homeless emergencies – resident tourists – and only care about emergencies for patients from their quota or patients previously assigned to their quota. Something improved -something- the lack of human resources during the summer.

New contract, same staff

The Ministry of Health is currently processing the granting of monitoring and security services in the health management centers of Torrevieja and the integrated maintenance of alarm and protection systems for these facilities. The award proposal, which was evaluated among the six proposals received, was submitted in favor of Med Security for 820,000 HEuro annual (excluding VAT). The new specification, like the previous one, provides for a 24-hour guard at the university hospital – four – a 24-hour attendance at La Loma Health Center-1 – and an unarmed guard at the Torrevieja Addictive Behavior Unit during working hours. This supervisory presence does not extend to other health centers.

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