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Hector Echacu: From Deborah to New Zealand

Hector Echacu: From Deborah to New Zealand

June 11, 2024

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Hector Echacu switched at the start of the year. At the age of 36, the Corrientes midfielder decided to close his third cycle at the Defensores de Pronunciaminto to face his first experience abroad. He chose an unusual destination: he went to Manurewa AFC in Auckland (New Zealand).

The brand new team of the footballer who scored the most important goal in the history of Deborah (one for promotion against San Martin in Mendoza) competes in Division 1 of the Auckland Regional League. In New Zealand football, the National League consists of 10 permanent teams and is played between November and April after the regional leagues have concluded.

“I decided to come for the simple fact that the only thing missing in my life was playing abroad. Thanks to God, I was lucky enough to go through all the divisions from first division to promotion, metropolitan and interior,” he says. instagram He had a brief stint in Argentine football at Independiente de Avellaneda.
Hector pointed out about his adaptation: “The football process was very fast, I played all the games so far and scored 5 goals. The language that cost me the most is the lack of foundation in English. But I defend myself, haha.

From B Metro to National with Defensores Unidos de Zárate pointed out about the higher organization: “I found an organized club that has been in the first division for a year and has the intention to settle in a few years. Fight among the best countries in the world. And about the current situation, he added: “Saturday we We defeated Waiheke United 3-0 in the second round of the Chatham Cup. The competitor is full of Argentines and is from the island where most of the guys live.”

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Echaku, who is under contract until the end of the year, said his continuation “depends on how he finishes physically. I feel better at the moment.

Along the way he announced: “My idea is to retire at Deborah, a club I respect a lot. From here I follow it, beyond the time issue to watch the games. I know what’s going on and it took a lot to get to Federal A, so I hope I can get out of a tough situation.

A bit away from the game, and about her social life in Auckland, she explained: “I came alone, my partner is coming this month. I run the youth wing of the club. In my spare time I go around the city with my partner and many people ask me how to make it and tell me to try it and they love it. And he said: “They take football more calmly than us.”
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