November 30, 2023

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Helping businesses grow with new lead generation tools, AI features, and CRM partnerships.

Helping businesses grow with new lead generation tools, AI features, and CRM partnerships.

Many advertisers rely on lead generation solutions to connect with potential customers and increase sales. These types of solutions are ads that, for example, allow a person to fill out a form, start a conversation, or receive a call from a company for more information.

Today we’re announcing new lead generation advertising tools, AI-powered features, and CRM partnerships to help drive high-quality leads for businesses.

New advertising tools to find leads across the entire Meta suite

More than 600 million conversations take place daily between people and businesses on our platforms. To drive more quality leads through messaging, we’ve added the lead generation objective to our Facebook and Instagram ads that click to start a WhatsApp conversation, now available on Messenger and Instagram Direct. Some advertisers will now also be able to add a Q&A thread in Ads Manager.

Additionally, advertisers who choose to engage with people through click-to-message ads on Instagram Direct can now offer them a coupon for completing the Q&A flow, and these discounts can be applied to their next purchase or service.

To save people time, we’re testing an instant form ad format that allows people to discover, consider, and select multiple businesses to submit information at once. Imagine you see an ad to sign up for a wedding hair trial. Once a person completes the form, they are given the option to share their contact information with other businesses, for example a nail salon, who may also be relevant. This means more convenience for individuals and small businesses, and more opportunities for your business to be discovered by people who might be interested in it.

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Calls are another way to reach people interested in your company. To give people more confidence when connecting with brands they’ve expressed an interest in, we’re testing the capability Businesses can contact them via Facebook Show them your business information, such as your logo and name.

More AI features for lead generation campaigns

We’re testing full campaign automation for lead generation campaigns, powered by Meta feature. Lead generation advertisers will be able to easily apply AI to multiple aspects of a campaign at once, including targeting, creative, placements and budget, enabling better performance and saving time and money.

We’re also testing ways to reduce advertisers’ workload through creation Instant forms For Facebook, using the content on your website.

New integrations for CRM partners with Zapier and Hubspot

To help businesses achieve quality leads at scale, many advertisers work with partners to manage the leads generated by their advertising campaigns. That’s why we’re announcing hubspot As our newest CRM integration partner, with simple setup, as well as simplifying our CRM integration with… Zapier.

Merge a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Conversions API And use the target Lead conversion To improve lead quality This can improve campaign performance and help a company reach potential customers who are more likely to convert. In a recent study, ads using this campaign setting saw an average 16% reduction in cost per high-quality lead, and a 21% increase in the rate at which a lead converted to a high-quality lead, compared to ads using the lead performance objective.

To learn more about the Meta Portfolio for lead generation and best practices, download the guide at the end of this post.

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