May 20, 2024

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“He's perfect, except for his stuff, which he doesn't remember anything about.”

“He's perfect, except for his stuff, which he doesn't remember anything about.”

Bisbal Ferry family He's not having an easy season. Professional and personal successes accumulate among the youngest members of the family. David Bisbal (44 years old), who is recognized as one of the most important Spanish artists internationally. However, the health problems that the clan members suffer from They minimize the good moment in their projects.

Next May, he will travel to Mexico to continue his tour I will fly, Which will bring him back to Spain in June. But in addition to his musical successes, the man from Almeria has become its ambassador Skechers. For the first time in the company's history in our country, It will be the man who becomes the image of advertising campaigns.

The presentation event was held on Thursday, April 11 at the Skechers store on The complete heart of the capital, Madrid. Punctual, translator chess He came wanting to have fun and be reunited with his followers who were waiting for him Within the institution.

[El sorprendente proyecto de María del Mar, la hermana de Bisbal: diseña joyas a mano con leche materna y resina]

David Bisbal, at the Skechers event held in Madrid on Thursday, April 11.


despite of He did not answer media questionsI walked around the venue, stopping to chat with everyone in attendance, signing minutes and taking pictures with everyone who asked. In one of these moments, EL ESPAÑOL was able to ask the artist about the situation his father, José Bisbal, is going through, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and no longer remembers his loved ones.

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“He's in perfect health. Except for himself… he doesn't remember anything. But from a health standpoint, it's amazing.. The analytics are incredible. “He's a wild man,” he enthusiastically admits to this newspaper.

They say that a career starts from within and never looks awkward, although he has already shown on numerous occasions how much his father problem Jose affected him. In the documentary about his life that premiered last October, he had a conversation that moved everyone who watched it: “I know you don't remember me, but I remember you and that's the important thing.On the show, he also talked about how he passed: “Unfortunately Pepe, he's not my Pepe anymore. He doesn't remember anyone and neither does my mother. “Now I ask him who I am and he doesn’t know.”

But that's not the only health downturn the Bisbal family is going through. A year ago, his older brother, José María, disappeared in Roquetas de Mar. Days later, It was found at the same location. But your life It was never the same again. After being hospitalized for five months, he announced that he was confined to a wheelchair after suffering a spinal cord injury.

Although the singer did not want to speak publicly about this event at any time, she… Yes, there were details with the Toledo Paraplegia Hospital, where he was accepted. He said at the concert in which he performed some of his most famous songs: “Jose Mari did not come. He is in Almeria and he loves badminton at the moment and has found a brutal profession.”

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